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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1043

52151. ASCII stands for:

52152. Which type of signal is represented by discrete values?

52153. A data conversion system may be used to interface a digital computer system to:

52154. I came here ......... study English.?

52155. How many basic binary subtraction combinations are possible?

52156. Use the two's complement system to add the signed numbers 11110010 and 11110011. Determine, in decimal, the sign and value of each number and their sum.

52157. The selector inputs to an arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) determine the:

52158. Adding in binary, the decimal values 26 + 27 will produce a sum of:

52159. In the beginning Jain texts were originally written in?

52160. When multiplying in binary the decimal values 13 × 11, what is the third partial product?

52161. The range of an 8-bit two's complement word is from:

52162. Signed binary numbers have one bit that represents the sign, with the remaining bits representing the magnitude.

52163. The operands in a subtraction operation are the subend and the minuend.

52164. A technique to speed parallel addition by eliminating the delay caused by the carry bit propagation is called fast carry, or look-ahead carry.

52165. End around carry is an operation in 1's complement subtraction where a 1 is added to the sum of the 1's complement of both numbers.

52166. The operands in an addition operation consist of the augend and the addend.

52167. A full adder adds three bits, a half adder adds 1-1/2 bits.

52168. Using the two's complement number system we can add numbers with like signs and obtain the correct result.

52169. Two half adders can be combined to form a full adder with no additional gates.

52170. If you borrow from a position that contains a 0, you must borrow from the more significant bit that contains a 1. All 0s up to that point become 1s, and the digit last borrowed from becomes a 0.

52171. One advantage of using the 2's complement system to represent signed numbers is that you ___________.

52172. The 1's complement of 1010102 is _________.

52173. All digital systems that perform arithmetic operations must indicate _______ and ________ for numbers.

52174. The carry propagation delay in 4-bit full-adder circuits ____________.

52175. The 2's complement of 1101102 is _________.

52176. A full adder adds ____.

52177. The bits of a number that tell how large the number is are called ____________________.

52178. Two 4-bit adders could be cascaded to form a(n) ___________.

52179. An input to the mode pin of an arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) determines if the function will be _________.

52180. In binary number systems the sign of a number is indicated by _________.

52181. When 1100010 is divided by 0101, what will be the decimal remainder?

52182. The Indus Valley Civilization was spread over?

52183. Adding the two's complement of –11 + (–2) will yield which two's complement answer?

52184. The two's complement system is to be used to add the signed numbers 11110010 and 11110011. Determine, in decimal, the sign and value of each number and their sum.

52185. The fast carry or look-ahead carry circuits found in most 4-bit parallel-adder circuits:

52186. If the input to a comparator is a sine wave, the output is a

52187. A basic series regulator has

52188. A comparator is an example of a(n)

52189. Initially, the closed-loop gain (Acl) of a Wien-bridge oscillator should be

52190. In an averaging amplifier, the input resistances are

52191. A triangular-wave oscillator can consist of an op-amp comparator, followed by a(n)

52192. The ramp voltage at the output of an op-amp integrator

52193. A two-pole high-pass active filter would have a roll-off rate of

52194. The feedback component in an op-amp integrator is a capacitor.

52195. When the capacitance in an active high-pass filter increases, the critical frequency decreases.

52196. The control element in a basic shunt voltage regulator is a zener diode.

52197. The output voltage of a summing amplifier is proportional to the product of the input voltages.

52198. When used as a comparator, an op-amp is wired in a closed-loop configuration.

52199. To operate properly, an oscillator requires an external ac input signal.

52200. For a Wien-bridge oscillator to produce a sustained sine-wave output, the phase shift around the positive feedback loop must be greater than 0°.

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