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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1046

52301. In a capacitive circuit, current flow is limited to

52302. What circuit has the following frequency response?

52303. A capacitor is constructed of two parallel:

52304. Which of the following determines the capacitance of a capacitor?

52305. Most older types of paper capacitors have been replaced by which type of construction?

52306. If C1, a 4.7 F capacitor, and C2, a 3.3 F capacitor are in series with 18 Vdc applied, what is the voltage across C1?

52307. What is the impedance of a series RC circuit that consists of a 0.22 F capacitor and a 200-ohm resistor connected to a 3 kHz source?

52308. What is the reactance value for a capacitor installed in a dc circuit?

52309. In a purely capacitive circuit,

52310. How long would it take the capacitor in the given circuit to completely discharge if the switch was in position 2?

52311. What is the capacitive reactance if I = 1 amp, V = 2 volts, C = 5 F, and frequency = 10 Hz?

52312. What is wrong with a leaky capacitor?

52313. What is the value of a capacitor labeled 102?

52314. If the dielectric constant of a capacitor is decreased, then its capacitance will:

52315. What is the dielectric constant for ceramic?

52316. What is the voltage across a capacitor after being charged from a 100 V source for a period of one time constant?

52317. What is the dc charging/discharging time constant for the circuit?

52318. Power stored from the source and then returned to the source is called:

52319. Capacitor value markings are usually:

52320. A source voltage across a capacitor will:

52321. How long would it take the capacitor in the given circuit to completely charge if the switch was in position 1?

52322. An 8 V power source is charging a capacitor. How many volts will be across the capacitor at the second time constant?

52323. The material used between the plates of a capacitor is called its:

52324. When a circuit consists of a capacitor and a resistor in series with a voltage source, and the voltage across the resistor is zero, then the capacitor is:

52325. Which material has the highest dielectric strength?

52326. What is the circuit's impedance?

52327. In an ac circuit, a capacitor and an output resistor are connected in series with an ac signal. What filter action will be the result?

52328. What is the impedance of this circuit?

52329. What is the reactive power?

52330. A practical capacitor

52331. Which of the following is the reference vector for parallel RC circuits?

52332. What do variable capacitors use for dielectric?

52333. If a charged capacitor is disconnected from a circuit, it will:

52334. What is the total current for a 5 MHz, 1 Vac circuit that consists of a 27 pF capacitor and a 1 k resistor connected in parallel?

52335. What is the value of a capacitor that can store two coulombs of charge when 500 volts is applied across its plates?

52336. The strength of an electric field at a given point is proportional to the potential difference on the plates and inversely proportional to the:

52337. How is ac current related to ac voltage in a purely capacitive circuit?

52338. What is the voltage across the capacitor?

52339. For a given charge difference, electrostatic field strength varies according to:

52340. A capacitor has 25 V across its plates and a stored charge of 1500 C. What is the capacitance value?

52341. A capacitor and an output resistor form a series circuit with a square wave applied. The circuit is:

52342. Capacitive reactance values connected in series offer

52343. The quantity that represents an ideal capacitor dissipating 0 W of power is

52344. If a capacitor is placed across a 20 V source, what will be the amount of charge after 5 tc?

52345. What is the impedance of an ac RC parallel circuit if the resistance is 12 ohms and the capacitive reactance equals 5 ohms?

52346. What will a 1 F capacitor store?

52347. In an RC circuit, true power (PR) equals:

52348. What is the power factor if the apparent power of a circuit is 5 W, while the true power is 4 W?

52349. If the reactive power of a circuit is 50 mW while the apparent power is 64 mW, then what is the true power of the circuit?

52350. Capacitive reactance is inversely proportional with frequency.

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