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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1048

52401. A magnitude comparator determines:

52402. Unauthorized copying of software to be used for personal gain instead of for personal back-ups is called?

52403. Which digital system translates coded characters into a more intelligible form?

52404. The U.N. body which deals with population problems:?

52405. Fatehpur Sikri was founded by?

52406. A multiplexer is a device that outputs a fixed sequence of binary states on each clock pulse.

52407. The general function of a decoder is to activate one or more circuit outputs upon detection of a particular digital state.

52408. An encoder circuit is designed to generate specific codes.

52409. A decoder with two inputs will have two outputs for the decoded value.

52410. A magnitude comparator outputs the highest or lowest value of its inputs depending on control signals.

52411. An AND gate and two INVERTERs can be connected to act as a basic decoder.

52412. Parity checking can only detect an odd number of errors.

52413. A sixteen-input multiplexer will need three data select input control lines.

52414. A hexadecimal decoder selects one of sixteen outputs depending on the 8-bit binary input applied.

52415. A multiplexer is a device that chooses which output to send an input to by means of select lines.

52416. A technique that can be used in multiple-digit numerical displays to control suppression or display of leading or trailing zeros in the display is called _________.

52417. Parity systems are defined as either_____ or _____ and will add an extra _____ to the digital information being transmitted.

52418. A device that uses a binary decoder to direct a digital signal from a single source to one of several destinations is a ________.

52419. A code in which each individual digit of a decimal number is represented by a 4-bit binary number is _________.

52420. The diodes in a seven-segment display where all cathodes are tied together and grounded are illuminated when a logic ____________________ is applied to the ____________________.

52421. The scheme of Different Rate of Interest aims at providing bank credit to?

52422. Most demultiplexers facilitate which of the following?

52423. Pallava Kings were the devotees of?

52424. Select one of the following statements that best describes the parity method of error detection:

52425. A multiplexed display:

52426. How many buses are connected as part of the 8085 microprocessor?

52427. Pearls are formed inside?

52428. The technique of assigning a memory address to each I/O device in the SAM system is called:

52429. Delhi Sultanate was a?

52430. A port can be:

52431. The gases used in different types of welding would include?

52432. How many bits are used in the address bus?

52433. Exceptions to the 8085 microprocessor normal operation are called:

52434. It takes two memory locations (16 bits each) to store an address in the 8085 system.

52435. A compiler is a translation program that converts high-level instructions into a set of binary instructions (machine code) for execution.

52436. Graves disease is caused by the over production of?

52437. The language understood by the microprocessor is called assembly language.

52438. A machine cycle is the time it takes a microprocessor to fetch and execute a complete instruction.

52439. An address bus is also called a unidirectional bus.

52440. Who advocated the policy of abolishing princely states in free India?

52441. To keep the number of IC pins to a minimum, the 8085 uses a multiplexed bus.

52442. How much time does a train, 280m long, running at a speed of 72 km/hr, take to cross a bridge of 220m long?

52443. Germs, of which of the following diseases, is spread through water?

52444. A register in the microprocessor that keeps track of the answer or results of any arithmetic or logic operation is the _________.

52445. The __________ program is used to convert mnemonic code to machine code.

52446. A(n) ________________ is the time it takes a microprocessor to fetch and execute a complete instruction.

52447. The ________ is the "brains" of every microcomputer.

52448. The circuits in the 8085 that provide the arithmetic and logic functions are called the __________.

52449. Since microprocessor CPUs do not understand mnemonics as they are, they have to be converted into __________.

52450. A program that contains nothing but strings of zeros and ones is called a(n) ________.

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