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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1049

52451. The register in the 8085 microprocessor that is used to keep track of the memory address of the next opcode to be run in the program is the ________.

52452. All computer programs for a machine are called ________.

52453. The first part of a machine language instruction that specifies the operation to be performed is called a(n) __________.

52454. Which of the following are the cheapest memory devices in terms of cost/bit?

52455. What is the difference between mnemonic codes and machine codes?

52456. India’s first surface to surface missile is?

52457. Icthyology is the study of?

52458. A microprocessor unit, a memory unit, and an input/output unit form a:

52459. When matching polarity connections have been made and the potential difference (PD) is above 0.7 V, the diode is considered to be:

52460. In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a smooth dc output?

52461. If a 169.7 V half-wave peak has an average voltage of 54 V, what is the average of two full-wave peaks?

52462. What is the current through the LED?

52463. The characteristic curve for the complex model of a silicon diode shows that

52464. Since diodes are destroyed by excessive current, circuits must have:

52465. A diode for which you can change the reverse bias, and thus vary the capacitance is called a

52466. A filtered full-wave rectifier voltage has a smaller ripple than does a half-wave rectifier voltage for the same load resistance and capacitor values because:

52467. Testing a good diode with an ohmmeter should indicate

52468. The peak inverse voltage (PIV) across a nonconducting diode in a bridge rectifier equals approximately:

52469. What is the current through the diode?

52470. Electrons in the outermost orbit or shell of an atom are called

52471. Shunting the ac component away from the load is the task of a:

52472. A pn junction allows current flow when

52473. What is the current through the zener diode?

52474. When a diode is forward biased, the voltage across it

52475. Why is heat produced in a diode?

52476. The arrow in the schematic symbol of a diode points to

52477. The diode schematic arrow points to the:

52478. When checking a diode, low resistance readings both ways indicate the diode is:

52479. In a diode schematic, the anode is represented by a(n):

52480. An IC regulator receives an overload; it will:

52481. With full-wave rectification, current through the load resistor must be:

52482. A characteristic curve is the result of a current versus voltage plot of diode activity, which begins at the:

52483. Rectifier output polarity depends upon:

52484. With a 12 V supply, a silicon diode, and a 370-ohm resistor in series, what voltage will be dropped across the diode?

52485. If the frequency of the applied ac signal to a half-wave rectifier is 60 Hz, the frequency of the pulsating dc output will be

52486. What is the peak output voltage for this half-wave rectifier?

52487. Thermal shutdown occurs in an IC regulator if:

52488. The conduction band is closest to the valence band in

52489. What is the percent of regulation if Vnl = 20 V and Vfl = 19.8 V?

52490. With a half-wave rectified voltage across the load resistor, load current flows for what part of a cycle?

52491. Which of the following circuits would require the least amount of filtering?

52492. What is wrong with this circuit?

52493. The voltage where current may start to flow in a reverse-biased pn junction is called the

52494. Providing a constant output regardless of ac input or load resistance changes is the function of a:

52495. When a diode is destroyed it has infinite impedance. When damaged by heat it will probably:

52496. The area at the junction of p-type and n-type materials that has lost its majority carriers is called the

52497. DC power should be connected to forward bias a diode as follows:

52498. At any given time in an intrinsic piece of semiconductor material at room temperature

52499. In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a pulsating dc output?

52500. List three diode packages:

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