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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1120

56001. In a tape recorder the erase head is

56002. Consider the following statements as regards advantages of CCD sensors as camera pick up tube High sensitivityGood spectral responseImage lag absent Out of the above which are correct

56003. Some desirable features of a computer communication network are It should accept an intended transmission without excessive delayThe data arriving at a receiving point should be processed rapidlyWhen a transmission calls for a response, the delay of response should be minimum. Which of the above are true?

56004. Television transmission is by

56005. In the television system in India, the aspect ratio is

56006. In high power radars, which of the following are used for switching?

56007. A remote control for TV uses

56008. In the FM wave described by equation v = 15 sin (4 x 108 t + 3 sin 1100 t), the carrier frequency and signal frequency respectively are

56009. A sequence x(n) with the z transform X(z) = z4 + z2 - 2z + 2 - 3z - 4 is applied as an input to a linear, time invariant system with the impulse response h(n) = 2δ(n - 3) where The output at n = 4 is

56010. Which of the following amplifiers is used for impedance matching?

56011. Which of the following amplifiers has highest output impedance?

56012. In a superheterodyne receiver, having no RF amplifier, the IF is 455 kHz. The image frequency at 1000 kHz is

56013. Audio tapes have two tracks each 2.5 mm wide.

56014. Which of the following amplifiers has a voltage gain of less than 1?

56015. Consider the following test signal patterns RampGrillGrey shadesSine pulsePicture line up generating equipment Which of the above are used in TV studios?

56016. If aspect ratio is and number of lines in each frame is 625, the number of picture elements in one frame is

56017. Indicate the false statement: If SWR on a transmission line is infinite, the line is terminated in

56018. In TV signals colour burst is used

56019. The resonant frequency of an RF amplifier is 1 MHz and its bandwidth is 10 kHz. The Q factor will be

56020. The total number of pulses in a TV remote control is

56021. Which camera tube has highest sensitivity and very wide spectral response?

56022. Assertion (A): A Smith chart can be used for a number of calculations of a transmission lineReason (R): Smith chart is basically a polar impedance diagram.

56023. A computer monitor uses 180 W in normal operation and 20 W in sleep mode. The computer is on all the 24 hours but is in sleep mode for 18 hours a days. The energy units saved in 30 days are

56024. Consider the following functions It detects the AM video carrier IF so as to produce the video signalIt produces and separates out the inter carrier sound IF of 5.5 MHzIt amplifies the video signalIt amplifies the audio signal The video detector in a colour TV performs which of the above functions

56025. Which of the following antennas is circularly polarized?

56026. In colour TV system the colour sub carrier frequency is 4.43 MHz.

56027. A transmitter power of 5 W is increased by 20 dB. The effective radiated power is

56028. The percentage saving in power of 100% modulated suppressed carrier AM signal is

56029. The maximum distance between television transmission and receiving antennas for reasonably good reception should be

56030. Assertion (A): EM waves are attenuated as they travel outward from a sourceReason (R): Both field intensity and power density follow inverse square law.

56031. The frequency response of a microphone means

56032. Graphic equaliser system in stereophonic systems generally have

56033. An amplifier operating over a frequency range of 18 to 20 MHz has 10 kΩ input resistance. At a temperature of 27° C, the noise voltage at input of amplifier is (Boltzman constant k = 1.38 x 10-23 J/K)

56034. Some sources of TV programs are TV cameraTelecineVTRExternal signal Which of the above are actually present in a TV studio?

56035. Two sinusoidal signals of same amplitude and frequencies 10 kHz and 10.1 kHz are added together. The combined signal is given to an ideal frequency detector. The output of the detector is

56036. In Vidicon camera tube, the resistance of photoconductive material on the target plate

56037. In a satellite transponder the power amplifier feeds power P to the transmitting antenna of gain G. If distance of earth is d, the power flux density is

56038. Hadfield’s operation is indicated for

56039. Which of the following are useful in comparing the noise performance of receivers? Input noise voltageNoise figureNoise resistanceNoise temperature Select answer as per the following codes:

56040. Compact discs use

56041. A carrier is phase modulated (PM) with frequency deviation of 10 kHz by a single tone frequency of 1 kHz. If the single tone frequency is increased to 2 kHz, assuming that phase deviation remains unchanged, the bandwidth of the PM signal is

56042. In a communication receiver, a squelch circuit is normally inserted

56043. In PCM, the information lies

56044. The most common content of hernia-en glissade

56045. A 1000 kHz carrier is simultaneously modulated by 300 Hz and 2 kHz audio sine wave. Which of the following frequencies will not be present in the output?

56046. SWR for a transmission line is infinity when the load is Short circuitComplex impedanceOpen circuitPure reactance Of the above statements:

56047. The discone antenna is

56048. The direction of pick up in a CD is

56049. A (75 - j 50) Ω load is connected to a coaxial line of Z0 = 75 Ω at 10 GHz. The best method of matching consists of using

56050. In PCM the amplitude levels are transmitted in a 7 unit code. Sampling frequency is 10 kHz. The bandwidth should be

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