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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1123

56151. A noise can be represented as superposition of spectral components. When this noise is passed through a narrow band filter, the output of filter should look like

56152. A narrow band noise show

56153. The upper and lower side frequencies for 3 kHz audio modulation with a 27 MHz carrier frequency will be

56154. Consider the following advantages of phase array radar simple circuitryability to track and scan simultaneouslyability to track many targets togethervery fast scanning Which of the above are correct?

56155. International Internet Safety day................?

56156. The modulation index of a narrowband FM signal is

56157. Which is a digital coding technique?

56158. Which of the following noise sources is different from others?

56159. For the transmission of normal speech, the PCM channel needs a bandwidth of __________ kHz.

56160. In VHS format width of audio track is

56161. In a plate modulated class C amplifier, the peak supply voltage is V. The maximum plate-cathode voltage can be

56162. In a single sideband suppressed carrier AM system, the modulation index is changed from 0 to 1, the power content of the signal

56163. Neper is

56164. A p matching network for coupling the transmitter output of the antenna is shown in figure. In this C2 should be tuned for

56165. Which of following digital modulation technique?

56166. A discrete zero memory information source has 40 symbols and each symbol is equally likely. The minimum number of bits required to code the source with uniform length code and entropy of the source are

56167. The standard intermediate frequency for FM ratio is

56168. In an end fire array, the radiation pattern

56169. Armstrong FM transmitter uses

56170. An antenna having a length of and grounded at one end is called

56171. The noise figure of individual stages of a two stage amplifier is 2.03 and 1.54 respectively. If gain of first stage is 62, the overall noise figure is

56172. In figure (A) and (B)

56173. A trinitron colour picture tube uses

56174. For a three stage cascaded amplifier, having gains of G1, G2 and G3 and noise figures of F1, F2, F3 the overall noise figure

56175. Consider the following statements as regards DPSK and DEPSK DPSK demodulator requires a device which operates at carrier frequency and provides a delay of bit time TbIn DPSK, synchronous demodulation recovers the signal b(t) and the decoding of b(t) to generate d(t) is done at base bandIn both DPSK and DEPSK errors always occur in pairs Which of the above statements are correct?

56176. An audio frequency of 5 kHz is translated to a radio frequency carrier of frequency 1 MHz and transmitted it to space through an antenna. The required height of antenna is

56177. Pre-emphasis circuit is used

56178. In which frequency range is the noise figure in a transistor minimum

56179. In commercial FM Broadcasting, A radio station transmitting the signal at 98.3 MHz, it is

56180. The message carrying efficiency is best in

56181. An SSB-AM signal cannot be demodulated by

56182. Which of the following could be the equation for non-linear resistor shown in figure?

56183. The pre-emphasis circuit is used

56184. The modulation index of wideband FM signal is

56185. MTI stands for

56186. The IF frequencies in a TV receiver

56187. The most noise resistant modulation system is

56188. Which of the following is the digital system?

56189. Which of the following is an oscillator with best frequency stability?

56190. In FDM systems used for telephone, which modulation scheme is adopted?

56191. In the above case if another sine wave corresponding to 40% modulation is transmitted simultaneously, the total radiated power will be

56192. A pre-emphasis circuit

56193. In orthogonal BFSK, the energy of information bearing term is

56194. In a tape recorder

56195. Reception through space wave is limited to line of sight distance.

56196. A video transmission system transmits 625 picture frames per second. Each frame consist of a 400 x 400 pixel grid with 64 intensity levels per pixel. The data rate of the system is

56197. Which of the following is a false statement about Armstrong modulation system?

56198. Which one is digital modulation technique?

56199. Since noise phase modulated FM wave, as the noise sideband frequency approaches the carrier frequency, the noise amplitude

56200. Consider the following statements as regards SAW filter The centre frequency is determined by the pitch of IDT comb shaped electrodesThe response can be modified shaping the overlap of comb electrodesThe response is maximum when acoustic wave has its wavelength equal to pitchWhen a number of identical electrodes are arranged at the same pitch, the frequency characteristics of the filter is expressed by (sin x)/x Which of the above statements are correct?

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