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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1124

56201. In telephone, the dial tone has a frequency of

56202. Companding is used

56203. For a good public address system the sound intensity at the farthest point should be at least

56204. An ungrounded antenna near the ground

56205. Which of the following circuits cannot be demodulate SSB?

56206. Figure shows the arrangement of

56207. During day time ionosphere can be considered to be consisting of

56208. Baudot code is a six bit code.

56209. PWM can be generated

56210. Which of the following microphones has highest output impedance?

56211. Consider the following statements about PCM PCM is not noise resistantPCM requires complex encoding and quantizing circuitryPCM requires large bandwidth Which of the above are correct?

56212. In a television transmitter, the output stage is most likely to be

56213. The number of bits of information required to indicate the correct selection of 3 independent consecutive events out of 75 equally probable events is

56214. The efficiency of a direct radiating cone type loudspeaker is about

56215. At a given probability of error, binary coherent FSK is interior to binary coherent PSK by

56216. In a TV receiver the video IF amplifier provides a gain of about

56217. Which of the following analog modulation scheme requires the minimum transmitted power and minimum channel bandwidth?

56218. Switching systems

56219. Which one of the following statements is wrong. The radar cross-section of a target?

56220. Which of the following cannot be used to demodulate SSB?

56221. The power required to produce a gain of 10 dB over 4 W of original power is __________ watt.

56222. Nedumbasseri Airport is in the district of?

56223. The inductance of connecting leads can be a source of

56224. For F2 layer the critical frequency is about

56225. In the spectrum of an FM wave

56226. The reactance of bypass capacitor in a CE amplifier circuit should be

56227. In a radar system the solution to blind speed problem is to

56228. For a FM wave carrier modulating frequency is 10 kHz and bandwidth is 2 MHz. If the modulating signal amplitude is doubled, the bandwidth will be

56229. In band III of TV, distant reception (beyond line of sight range) is possible due to

56230. In amplitude modulation the rms value of radio frequency voltage after 40% modulation is 60 mV. If modulation is 80% the rms value after modulation will be about

56231. 1 GHz is equal to

56232. Consider the following statements In a pulsed radar, the transmitted pulses are of high frequencyIn a pulsed radar, the transmitted pulses are of high powerIn a pulsed radar, the transmitted pulses are of brief durationIn a pulsed radar, the transmitted pulses are of square wave shape. Of the above statements the correct statements are

56233. Probability density function of thermal noise is

56234. In a colour TV receiver AFT stands for

56235. MTSO stands for

56236. The main advantage of TDM over FDM is that it

56237. VLF waves are sometimes used because

56238. If N is the number of binary digits needed to assign individual binary code designations to the M quantization levels, the signal to quantization noise ratio S0/Nq in PCM is

56239. Which of the following is very useful as multiband HF receiving antenna?

56240. If Vs is signal voltage, Vn is noise voltage, signal to noise ratio S/N is defined as

56241. The PDF of a Gaussian random variable X is given by . The probability of the event {X = 4} is

56242. Tuned voltage amplifiers are not used

56243. If B is the bandwidth, the thermal noise voltage is proportional to

56244. ARQ stands for

56245. In FM noise can be decreased by a feature that AM does not have

56246. In case of stabilized reactance modulator AFC system

56247. Assertion (A): Demodulation of SSB and AM signals is exactly similar Reason (R): The basic SSB demodulation device is product detector.

56248. In shot noise

56249. In VCR, the chrominance signal's frequency is

56250. Assertion (A): A video monitor does not need RF tuner and IF amplifier Reason (R): The picture tube in TV is basically a CRT.

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