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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1125

56251. Consider the following statements as regards IF in radio receivers If IF is too high, poor selectivity and poor adjacent channel rejection could resultIf IF is high, tracking difficulties increaseA very low IF makes selectivity too sharpAs IF is decreased, image frequency rejection becomes better Which of the above are correct?

56252. Audio-signal modulates a 125 MHz carrier, causing a frequency deviation of 5 kHz. The bandwidth of the narrowband FM signal is __________ kHz.

56253. Assertion (A): Radar gave birth to microwave technology.Reason (R): In radar systems very high frequencies give the most accurate results.

56254. A channel has a SNR of 7 and BW 4 kHz. Keeping the channel capacity (BPS) same, the BW is reduced to accommodate more channels. The SNR

56255. The output VR of the ratio detector is related with the output VF of similar Foster-Seeley discriminator as follows.

56256. In grid bias modulation system the power required for modulating amplifier

56257. In spread spectrum technique

56258. QAM stands for

56259. The bandwidth required for amplitude modulation is

56260. The smallest change in sound intensity that can be detected by human ear is __________ dB.

56261. Low frequency boost can be easily compensated by

56262. An MTI compares a set of received echos with those received during the previous sweep.

56263. If e = 10 sin(108 t + 3 sin 104 t) then the deviation is

56264. When a complex signals is used to frequency modulate a carrier, the resulting sideband distribution is

56265. Which of the following is the main advantage of PCM system?

56266. BPSK stands for

56267. If a dipole is meant for a frequency of 1 MHz, the length of each rod is about

56268. Consider the following statements: In a radar system having a high value of the ratio (antenna diameter)/wavelength the maximum range is largegood target discrimination is achievedcapture area is increasedtarget acquisition is difficult Which of the above are correct?

56269. Assertion (A): The maximum range of a radar is proportional to fourth root of the peak transmitted pulse power.Reason (R): Radar signals are subjected twice to inverse square law.

56270. As EM waves travel in free space they get

56271. Cross talk is due to reception of portions of a signal from one channel into another.

56272. If there are M equally likely and independent messages and M = 2N where N is an integer, the information in each message is equal to

56273. A radar beacon is a small radar set having a receiver, a separate transmitter and an antenna.

56274. In the above case the total power in the modulated wave double sideband, suppressed carrier AM will be

56275. Brownian motion is

56276. In a TV studio the illuminance is about

56277. MEWS stands for

56278. Top loading in an antenna increases

56279. In a radar, the return echo arrives after the allocated pulse interval. Then

56280. The decoder for PAL system is

56281. CW Doppler radar is capable of giving accurate measurements of relative velocities.

56282. In the stabilized reactance modulators AFC system

56283. An antenna is 30 metre high. The frequency is 1 MHz. The radiation resistance is about

56284. Which of the following codes is based on BCD format?

56285. In a system using QASK and 4 bits to form a symbol, the required bandwidth is

56286. Each of the following statements regarding frequency modulation is true except

56287. Assertion (A): Radio transmission is by sky wavesReason (R): Waves having frequencies higher than 30 MHz penetrate the atmosphere and do not return to earth.

56288. During playback the take up reel is

56289. To avoid objectionable noise in a microwave TV link, the SNR should be about

56290. Foster Seeley discriminator uses a

56291. Which of the following statement about modulation is correct?

56292. Sound wave travels as

56293. FM signal can be generated by

56294. A planar array radar uses a high gain planar array antenna.

56295. Which of the following terms is not applicable to Yagi-Uda array?

56296. If transmission path, in PCM, is very long then

56297. Which of the following will penetrate minimum & ionise maximum?

56298. If F(ω) is Fourier transform of f(t), then the Fourier transform of f(t) cos ωct is

56299. In a TV receiver the raster is normal but there is no sound and quality of picture is poor. The defective part is

56300. If the plate supply voltage for a plate modulated class C amplifier is E, the maximum plate cathode voltage could be almost as high as

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