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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1133

56651. Consider the following differences between QPSK and MSK The side lobes in MSK are relatively much smaller in comparison to the main lobeThe spectrum of MSK has a main centre lobe which is 1.5 times as wide as the main lobe of QPSKThe waveforms of both MSK and QPSK exhibit phase continuity Which of the above statements are correct?

56652. As per Hartley law

56653. The speeds used in recording audio programs in house hold recorders are

56654. During transmission over a communication channel, bit errors occur independently with probability P. If a block of n bits is transmitted, the probability of at most one bit error is equal to

56655. In a pulsed RADAR, the transmitter is connected to the antenna

56656. In a CD, the depth and width of each pit is

56657. Which type of modulator amplifier is used in AM transmitter?

56658. Mention the radioactive isotope which is not a pure beta Ray emitter

56659. A digital watch contains

56660. In AM increased depth of modulation increases __________ and in FM with increased depth of modulation __________ increases.

56661. In a DM system, the granular noise occurs when modulating signal

56662. ‘India Against Corruption’ is associated with:?

56663. Huffman code is also known as redundancy code

56664. If each frequency component of f(t) is shifted by p /2, the resulting signal is

56665. A bit synchronizer regenerates at the receiver a clock waveform which is

56666. Probability of error in DPSK is less than PSK

56667. Zero mean Gaussian noise of variance N is applied to a half wave rectifier. The mean squared value of the rectified output will be

56668. Two sine waves of amplitude A1 and A2 are multiplied. The amplitude of the spectral component is

56669. In radar display system PPI stands for

56670. In phase shift keying the input signal is

56671. The intravenous anaesthetic agent used for treating clinical depression is

56672. If Pk be the probability of the message to be received or transmitted, then the amount of information (Ik) associated, in bits, will be

56673. A circuit which cannot demodulate SSB is

56674. In TV system in India IF video and IF audio frequencies are

56675. Assertion (A): The unit of telephone traffic measurement is erlang.Reason (R): International circuits for communication are fitted with echo suppressors.

56676. The ultra short acting muscle relaxant is

56677. The primary colours are

56678. The most commonly used system of modulating for telegraphy is

56679. Which of the following antennas is not wide band?

56680. While AM has __________ frequencies, FM has __________ number of sidebands.

56681. In VHS format diameter of head drum is about

56682. The correct sequence of subsystem in an FM receiver is

56683. A wave is frequency modulated with an index of 0.1 and its frequency is multiplied by 8 times, the modulation index is

56684. Short circuited stubs are preferred to O.C stubs because

56685. When ωm is the modulation frequency in frequency modulation, the modulation index is proportional to

56686. A pre-emphasis circuit provides extra noise immunity by

56687. The ratio for 100% amplitude modulation with identical total transmitted power (mf is modulation index of FM) is

56688. The function of a modulator is to

56689. Which of the following radio waves are not reflected by ionosphere?

56690. Square law modulators utilise

56691. Which of the following is a disadvantage of Vestigial Sideband (VSB) system?

56692. The maximum permissible distance between two samples of a 2 kHz signal is

56693. When the video signal is applied to the picture tube in a TV receiver, the strength of video signal is about

56694. In the above case if the modulating frequency is increased to 20 kHz the bandwidth will be

56695. Assertion (A): In FM all power amplifiers can be operated in class C Reason (R): FM is a constant amplitude modulation system.

56696. In radar system which of the following is called A scope

56697. In a CD the channel separation is

56698. The unit for luminous energy is

56699. The IF bandwidth of a radar receiver is inversely proportional to

56700. If the radiated power of AM transmitter is 10 kW, the power in the carrier for modulation index of 0.6 is nearly.

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