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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 117

5851. What percentage of simple interest per annum did Anand pay to Deepak? I.  Anand borrowed Rs. 8000 from Deepak for four years.  II.  Anand returned Rs. 8800 to Deepak at the end of two years and settled the loan.

5852. What is the rate of simple interest? I.  The total interest earned was Rs. 4000.  II.  The sum was invested for 4 years.

5853. What is the principal sum? I.  The sum amounts to Rs. 690 in 3 years at S.I. II.  The sum amounts to Rs. 750 in 5 years at S.I.  III.  The rate of interest is 5% p.a.

5854. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:

5855. Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided in two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?

5856. A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 at the rate of 9 p.c.p.a. in 5 years. What is the sum?

5857. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs. 450 to yield Rs. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of simple interest?

5858. Reena took a loan of Rs. 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

5859. The Ashokan inscription which gives an account of the Kalinga War and its effects is

5860. The number of west flowing rivers in Kerala?

5861. A lot of details regarding the village administration under the Cholas is provided by the inscriptions at

5862. At the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon was defeated by ————

5863. The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India

5864. A sum of Rs. 1360 has been divided among A, B and C such that A gets of what B gets and B gets of what C gets. B's share is:

5865. One-third of Rahul's savings in National Savings Certificate is equal to one-half of his savings in Public Provident Fund. If he has Rs. 1,50,000 as total savings, how much has he saved in Public Provident Fund ?

5866. A fires 5 shots to B's 3 but A kills only once in 3 shots while B kills once in 2 shots. When B has missed 27 times, A has killed:

5867. Eight people are planning to share equally the cost of a rental car. If one person withdraws from the arrangement and the others share equally the entire cost of the car, then the share of each of the remaining persons increased by:

5868. To fill a tank, 25 buckets of water is required. How many buckets of water will be required to fill the same tank if the capacity of the bucket is reduced to two-fifth of its present ?

5869. In a regular week, there are 5 working days and for each day, the working hours are 8. A man gets Rs. 2.40 per hour for regular work and Rs. 3.20 per hours for overtime. If he earns Rs. 432 in 4 weeks, then how many hours does he work for ?

5870. Free notebooks were distributed equally among children of a class. The number of notebooks each child got was one-eighth of the number of children. Had the number of children been half, each child would have got 16 notebooks. Total how many notebooks were distributed ?

5871. A man has some hens and cows. If the number of heads be 48 and the number of feet equals 140, then the number of hens will be:

5872. (469 + 174)2 - (469 - 174)2 = ? (469 x 174)

5873. Who looted the temple of Somanath?

5874. Dhanvantri, a renowned physician of ancient India, adorned the court of?

5875. There are two examinations rooms A and B. If 10 students are sent from A to B, then the number of students in each room is the same. If 20 candidates are sent from B to A, then the number of students in A is double the number of students in B. The number of students in room A is:

5876. The price of 10 chairs is equal to that of 4 tables. The price of 15 chairs and 2 tables together is Rs. 4000. The total price of 12 chairs and 3 tables is:

5877. If a - b = 3 and a2 + b2 = 29, find the value of ab.

5878. The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?

5879. Bordeaux Mixture, one of the best known fungicides is a mixture of :

5880. Which of the following places has contributed to a famous variety of goats?

5881. When did Hong Kong return to Chinese rule?

5882. Kautilya’s Arthashasthra is a book on

5883. After consolidating his power, Balban assumed the grand title of

5884. If a = 0.1039, then the value of 4a2 - 4a + 1 + 3a is:

5885. If x = 3 + 1 and y = 3 - 1 , then the value of (x2 + y2) is: 3 - 1 3 + 1

5886. A group of students decided to collect as many paise from each member of group as is the number of members. If the total collection amounts to Rs. 59.29, the number of the member is the group is:

5887. The square root of (7 + 35 ) (7 - 35 ) is

5888. If 5 = 2.236, then the value of 5 - 10 + 125 is equal to: 2 5

5889. 625 x 14 x 11 is equal to: 11 25 196

5890. 0.0169 x ? = 1.3

5891. 3 - 1/2 simplifies to:

5892. How many two-digit numbers satisfy this property.: The last digit (unit's digit) of the square of the two-digit number is 8 ?

5893. The square root of 64009 is:

5894. The cube root of .000216 is:

5895. What should come in place of both x in the equation x = 162 . 128 x

5896. The least perfect square, which is divisible by each of 21, 36 and 66 is:

5897. 1.5625 = ?

5898. If 35 + 125 = 17.88, then what will be the value of 80 + 65 ?

5899. Which of the statements best regards the consequences of the movement of the earth is not correct?

5900. A person who eats greedily

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