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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1206

60301. A series R-C circuit with R = 3 Ω and XC = 4 Ω at 50 Hz is supplied with a voltage V = 50 + 141.4 sin 314 t. What is the RMS value of the current flowing through the circuit?

60302. The amplitude of a random signal uniformly distributed between - 5 V and 5 V If the signal to quantization noise ratio required in uniformly quantizing the signal is 4.5dB, the step size of the quantization is approximately

60303. In TV transmission the modulation schemes for video and audio are respectively

60304. Consider the differential amplifier shown in figure. (Assume β is very high). VC =

60305. Find Leq if each L is 1 H

60306. The output of a Mealy system is 1 if there has been a pattern of 11000, otherwise 0. The minimum state for this system is :

60307. The property not valid for basic singularity function is

60308. The resolution of a DAC depends on which of the following?

60309. When number of quantization levels are two; then the average transmission power in NRZ polar signaling is __________ that of NRZ unipolar signaling

60310. X(t) is a stationary process with the power spectral density Sx(f) > 0 for all f. The process is passed through a system shown below. Let Sy, (f) be the power spectral density Y(t). Which one of the following statements is correct?

60311. In the following astable multivibrator circuit, which properties of v0(t) depends on R2?

60312. Who Sacked ‘Kanthallursala’?

60313. The Decimal Coinage was introduced in India in the year?

60314. Consider the following statements, regarding an OP AMP: All types of negative feedback reduce non-linear distortion.All types of negative feedback reduce the output offset voltage.Non-inverting (current and voltage) feedback increases the input impedance.Inverting (current and voltage) feedback decreases input impedance. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60315. Which one of the following is applicable to any network-linear or non-linear, active or passive, time-varying or invariant - as long as Kirchhoff laws are not violated?

60316. The input and output of a continuous time system are respectively denoted by x(t) and y(t) Which of the following descriptions corresponds to a causal system?

60317. Which of the following bridges is also used in an oscillator?

60318. Polarization is a measure of

60319. Thin gate oxide in a CMOS process in preferably grown using

60320. Which of the following devices is a 'hot-electron' diode?

60321. If D, G and η denote the directly, power gain and efficiency of an antenna, then which of the following relation holds :

60322. A system described by the transfer function is stable. The constraints on a and K are

60323. Consider a random noise voltage which has a uniform density function as shown in the figure and is known to be white. If the noise is the first quantized into 0.1 V steps, starting at 0 V level, and then readings made of 10 per second. The information content of the reading is :

60324. Consider the following statements: The bias stability of an emitter-bias amplifier circuit improves by decreasing the value of RBincreasing the value of REdecreasing the value of RBincreasing the value of RBincreasing the value of RC Which of the above statements are correct?

60325. Consider the following: SiGeGaAsInP Which of the above semiconductors should be used for making highly efficient photodiodes?

60326. Which device can detect the presence of both forward and backward waves in a waveguide?

60327. The correct sequence of subsystems in an FM receiver is

60328. The full form of the abbreviations TTL and CMOS in reference to logic families are

60329. In which one of the following types of analog to digital converts the conversion time is practically independent of the amplitude of the analog signal?

60330. The constraint on r = |z| for which the following non-causal system converges is

60331. Consider the following statements: The conductivity of a metal has negative temperature coefficient since: The electron concentration increases with temperature.The electron mobility decreases with temperature.The electron-lattice scattering rate increases with temperature. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60332. The Table given below is the mark obtained by 2 students in 8 different subjects. The regression line of y on x is:

60333. The instrument used in plane tabling for obtaining horizontal and vertical distance directly without resorting is called

60334. The transfer function of a controller is given as Kp + Kd.s + where Kp, Kd and Ki are constants. What type of controller is this?

60335. Consider the following statements about a good power supply: The a.c. ripple should be highSv, (Voltage stability factor) should be lowST, (Temperature stability factor) should be low Which of the above statements are correct?

60336. Which one of the following statements is correct for MOSFETS?

60337. Which of the following transducers requires a high input impedance preamplifier for proper measurements?

60338. In a network with twelve circuit elements and five nodes, what is the minimum number of mesh equations?

60339. Consider the following: Coupling capacitorEmitter by-pass capacitorEmitter to base diffusion capacitance of the BJTStray capacitance of the circuit. Which of these components in a R-C coupled amplifier control the lower cut-off frequency of the amplifier?

60340. When What is Y(j ω ) ?

60341. Assertion (A): A z-directed rectangular waveguide with cross-sectional dimensions 3 cm x 1 cm will support propagation at 4 GHz.Reason (R): where λ is the wavelength.

60342. Consider differential equation with the initial condition y(0) = 0. Using Euler's first order method with a step size of 0.1, the value of y(0.3) is

60343. Consider the following statements: Taking 2's complement is equivalent to sign change.In the 2's complement representation the most significant bit (MSB) is zero for a positive number.In a 4 bit binary representation of a binary number A, A + 1's complement of A = 24. Which of the above statements are correct?

60344. Consider the following statements: Strictly speaking C supports 1-dimensional arrays only.An array element may be an array by itself.Array elements need not occupy contiguous memory locations. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60345. Consider the following circuit using an ideal OP-AMP. The I-V characteristics of the diode is described by the relation where VT = 25mV, I0 = 1mA and V is the voltage across the diode (taken as positive for forward bias). For an input voltage V1 = - 1 V, the output voltage V0 is

60346. Which of the following statements is true regarding the fundamental mode of the metallic waveguides shown?

60347. Assertion (A): A rectifier with inductor filter is more efficient for high load current.Reason (R): In rectifier with inductor filter we can use a larger choke to reduce ripple, larger choke will have higher dc resistance which will result in lower dc output voltage for higher load current.

60348. By what name is the equation Δ . J = 0 frequency known?

60349. The multiplication of two n bit numbers gives a product of length less than or equal to

60350. Consider the following statements: Internal sorting is used if the number of items to be sorted is very large.External sorting is used if the number of items to be sorted is vary large.External sorting needs auxiliary storage.Internal sorting needs auxiliary storage. Which of the above statements are correct?

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