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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1210

60501. Consider an SSB signal when the modulating signal is x(t). Let x(t) represents the complex conjugate of x(t) and is its Hilbert transform. The envelope of SSB signal is:

60502. Consider two independent random variables x and y with identical distributions. The variables X and Y take 0, 1 and2 with probabilities and respectively. What is the conditional probability P(X + Y = 2| X - Y = 0)?

60503. An audio signal is to be transmitted digitally. Which is the system best suited for good fidelity?

60504. The pre-emphasis in FM aids in providing extra noise immunity by

60505. What is Hippology?

60506. Gain of the circuit shown below is:

60507. A negative-feedback closed-loop system is supplied to an input 5 V. The system has a forward gain of 1 and a feedback gain of 1 and a feedback gain of 1. What is the output voltage?

60508. Which of the following devices is used in the microprocessors?

60509. Who played the prominent part in bringing about the Lucknow Pact?

60510. Which one of the following circuits is used for converting a sine wave into a square wave?

60511. A super heterodyne receiver has a IF of 465 kHz. It is tuned to a station broadcasting at 500 KHz and its oscillator is operating at 965 KHz, then the 1330 KHz frequency would be

60512. Following are the properties of impulse function x(t) ∂(t) = x (0)∂(t)∂(- t) = ∂(t) Choose the correct option

60513. What is an advantage of an electronic voltmeter over a non-electronic voltmeter?

60514. Which of the following statements is/are true for the diamond structure? Coordination number is four.Packing fraction is 0.34Copper crystallizes into diamond structureLattice is FCC.

60515. Assertion (A): There are no convergence issues with the discrete-time Fourier series in general.Reason (R): A discrete-time signal is always obtained by sampling a continuous-time signal.

60516. Which is the dominant mode in rectangular waveguides?

60517. Which of the following are the memory performance parameters? Access time and latencyBlock size and Block access timeCycle time and Bandwidth Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

60518. Consider an AM system using a square law detector as shown in figure. XC(t) = AC[1 + u x (t)] cos ωct, |ux(t)| << 1 if the channel noise is AWGN with PSD of

60519. In the given circuit, the switch is open for a long time. At time t = 0, the switch is closed. What are the initial and final values of voltages across the inductor?

60520. Consider the following statements: In the case of space wave propagation, the signal strength at the receiver is Directly proportional to transmitter and receiver heights.Inversely proportional to distance between transmitter and receiver.Directly proportional to frequency. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60521. An 8085 microprocessor is operating at 2 MHz frequency and executes the following program : START : MOV A, B
STA 2700H
JMP START Identify the total number of machine cycles required to execute the above program till the JMP instruction is executed for the first time.

60522. An 8085 executes the following instructions
2710 LXI H, 30A0H
2713 DAD H
2714 PCHL All addresses and constants are in Hex. Let PC be the contents of the program counter and HL be the contents of the HL register pair just after executing PCHL. Which of the following statements is correct?

60523. With which decoder it is possible to obtain many code conversions?

60524. Consider the following statements: The klystron and travelling wave tube differ from each other, In TWT the microwave circuit is non- resonant.In klystron the microwave circuit is resonant.TWT uses attenuator.The wave is TWT is a non-propagating wave. Which of the above statements are correct?

60525. Consider a system whose input x and output y are related by the equation y(t) = x(t - t )h(2t )dt where h(t) is shown in the graph which of the following four properties are possessed by the system? BIBO: Bounded input gives a bounded output Causal: The system is causal LP: The system is low pass LTI: The system is linear and time invariant

60526. The following components are used to measure power output of a 2 kW TWT amplifier: TWTALow pass/high pass filter20 dB attenuator40 dB directional complex with matched loadPower load What is the correct sequence of connection of these components?

60527. Consider the following statements regarding sources or error in a Q-meter: If a coil with resistance R is connected in direct measurement mode and if the residual resistance of Q-meter is 0.1 R, then the measure Q of the coil would be 1.1 times the actual Q.If the inductance to be measured is less than 0.1 mH, the error due to presence of residual inductance cannot be neglected.The presence of distributed capacitance in a coil modifies the effective Q of the coil. Which of the above statements are correct?

60528. What are the minimum number of 2 to 1 multiplexers required to generate a 2 input AND gate a 2 input Ex-OR gate?

60529. Transfer function of a certain system is: The approximate 2% settling time for unit step input is

60530. On which bands, do the optical fibers operate? Ultra violet bandUltra high frequency bandVisible light bandInfrared band Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

60531. A 3 stage Johnson counter shown in figure is clocked at a constant frequency of fc from the starting state of Q0 Q1 Q2 = 101. The frequency of output Q0 Q1 Q2 will be

60532. Which of the following conditions should be satisfied to call an astable multivibrator circuit using discrete components as a digital circuit? A flip-flop is always a digital circuit. Only when we assign 1 and 0 to the high and low levels of the output, a flip-flop is called a digital circuit. Only if the power, supply voltage is maintained at + 5 V or - 5 V, it is called a digital circuit. Only if it is in IC form, following the technology of IC manufacture, it is called a digital circuit.Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

60533. A 4 bit shift register is initialized to value 1000 for (Q3, Q2, Q1, Q0). The D input is derived from Q0, Q2 and Q3 through two XOR gates as shown in figure. The pattern 1000 will appear at

60534. Assertion (A): Capacitance of a solid conducting spherical body of radius 'a' is given by 4 p ε0a in free space.Reason (R): Δ x H = jω εE + J.

60535. Choose the correct statement/statements :

60536. The PCM signal shown below uses amplitude level of +1 volt and -1 volt to represent binary symbol 0 and 1 respectively. Each code word consists of 4 bits. The sampled version of analog signal from which this PCM signal is derived is

60537. Consider a situation where number of minterms with even number of 0's are same as number of minterms with odd number of 1's. Then minterms with even number of 0's and minterms with odd number of 1's are __________ to each other then number of variables is __________ .

60538. Which of the following flip-flop is used as a latch?

60539. Which of the following transducers is most suitable for monitoring continuous variations in very fine thickness of a material?

60540. Who can remove a judge of the Supreme Court from office?

60541. Ferromagnetic materials show hysteresis in B - H characteristic. As the magnetic field in increased slowly from zero value, what is the first process which sets the material to give net magnetization?

60542. Which of the following is a microwave source with a 'cross-field' structure?

60543. Signal flow graph is used to find :

60544. Use suitable alternative: Please distribute these clothes ......... he beggars.?

60545. Which junction has least junction capacitance?

60546. Consider a multiplexer with X and Y as data inputs and Z as control input. Z = 0 selects input X and Z = 1 selects input Y. What are the connections required to realize the 2-variable Boolean function f = T + R, without using any additional hardware?

60547. Opposition leader of Kerala Legislative Assembly for the shortest period?

60548. Which of the following stages has no phase inversion of the signal?

60549. The stage marked X in the architecture shown below of a two stage op-amp is :

60550. Multiple member of antennas are arranged in arrays in order to enhance what property?

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