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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1211

60551. The 4 point Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of a discrete time sequence {1, 0, 2, 3} is

60552. Which of the following materials in not an insulator?

60553. Maxwell's equations establish the relationship between , , and at any point in a continuous medium. When we move from one medium to another, then which of the following statement/statements is/are correct?

60554. Manganin, an alloy of copper and manganese, is used in

60555. If a two-port network is reciprocal as well as symmetrical, which one of the following relationships is correct?

60556. Which of the following antenna is obtained by modifying a waveguide?

60557. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

60558. Which of the following uses 'transferred electron effect' for production of microwaves?

60559. The figures shows the symbol of

60560. The spectral range of a band pass signal extends from 10 MHz to 10.4 MHz. What is the minimum sampling frequency required for reconstruction?

60561. All poles and zeros of a driving point immittance function of an L-C network

60562. In 8085 microprocessor, the interrupt enable flip-flop is reset by

60563. The transfer function of a linear-time invariant system is given as What is the steady-state value of the unit-impulse response?

60564. When transistor is used as a switch __________ is defined as the interval which elapses between the transition of input waveform and the time when to transition to 90% of Ic(sat).

60565. The first Indian university opened in 1857 was in?

60566. Discovery of India is written by .........?

60567. As per Hall effect, if any specimen carrying a current I is applied in a transverse magnetic field B, then an electric field E is induced in the specimen in the direction.

60568. The circuit shown below is the equivalent circuit of which one of the following microwave resonator types?

60569. Consider the cascade structure of two filters. Consider the following statements. If f1 < f2 then it acts like band-pass filterIf f1 < f2 then it acts like band-pass only if HPF follows LPF in other case it acts like a band stop filterIf f1 > f2 then it acts all stop filter The correct statements are:

60570. A small signal source vi(t) = A cos 20t + B sin106t is applied to a transistor amplifier as shown below. The transistor has β = 150 and hie = 3 kΩ. Which expression best approximates V0(t)

60571. Consider the following circuits. Assume all gates to have finite propagation delay Which of these circuits generate a periodic square wave at the output Vo?

60572. Which of the following does not apply to Yagi-Uda antenna

60573. Consider the differential amplifier shown in figure. (Assume β is very high). IE(approximately) =

60574. With regard to a transmission line, which of the following statements is correct?

60575. Consider an input x(t) as shown System impulse response is: If input is passed through this system then output will be zero except

60576. Which of the following quantities cannot be measured/determined using Hall effect?

60577. Period of the signal is:

60578. Which one of the following is a trivalent material?

60579. In orthogonal BFSK. the energy of information bearing term is :

60580. The maximum positive and negative numbers which can be represented in 2's complement form using n bits are respectively

60581. What is the chemical bonding in silicon semiconductor?

60582. The probability density function of the envelope of narrow band noise is :

60583. If (10)x x (10)x = (100)x; (100)x x (100)x = (10000)x then x can take value :

60584. They ascribed the spread of cholera ......... impure water.?

60585. In a uniformly doped BJT, assume that NE, NB and NC are the emitter, base and collector dopings in atoms/cm3, respectively. If the emitter injection efficiency of the BJT is close unity, which one of the following conditions is TRUE?

60586. Consider the following statements about ultrasonic flow meters: The measurement in insensitive to viscosity, pressure and temperature variations.It has bidirectional measuring capability and can be used for any pipe size.It has a relatively lower cost.It has good accuracy, fast response and wide frequency range. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60587. The number of essential prime implicant for the logic expression F = ABC + C D A + CDA + A BC + BD

60588. He tried to ......... smoking, but did not succeed.?

60589. The voltage applied to an R-L circuit at t = 0 when switch is closed is 100 cos (100 t + 30°). The circuit resistance is 80 Ω and inductance is 0.6 H (in which initial current is zero). What is the maximum amplitude of current flowing through the circuit?

60590. How many distinct binary trees can be constructed with three nodes?

60591. For determining the network functions of a two-port network, it is required to consider that

60592. First Kerala King who depicted in postal stamp?

60593. Which of the following circuits come under the class of sequential logic circuits? Full adderFull subtractor Half adderJ-K flip-flopCounter Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

60594. Which of the following measurements can be done using a counter? Pulse durationInterval between two pulses Amplitude of the pulse Rise time of a pulse Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

60595. The transfer function of a tachometer is of the form :

60596. The maximum power dissipation capacity of a transistor is 50 mW. If the collector emitter voltage is 10 V, what is the safe collector current that can be allowed through the transistor?

60597. Consider the following statements regarding registers and latches: Registers are made of edge-triggered FFs, whereas latches are made from level-triggered FFs. Registers are temporary storage devices whereas latches are not. A latch employs cross-coupled feedback connections. A register stores a binary word whereas a latch does not. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

60598. The characteristic equation of a control system is given as s4 + 8s3 + 24s2 + 32s + K = 0. What is the range of values of K for this system to be stable?

60599. The main purpose of Home Rule Movement was?

60600. A scheme shown below is to generate a wide band FM modulate signal. Narrow band FM has carrier frequency = 400 KHz Deviation ratio = 0.2 Wide band FM has carrier frequency = 100 MHz Deviation ratio = 6 Frequency multiplication factor is:

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