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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 126

6301. Bacterial growth curve is obtained by plotting

6302. When intracellular enzymes of whole cells are to be used in a bio-conversion process, it is often necessary to____________the cells.

6303. Heat transfer rates (per unit volume) will be lowest in

6304. The function(s) of the draft tube in an airlift bioreactor is

6305. The Monod Model relates

6306. The height to diameter ratio (H/D) for the column fermenters is

6307. The high oxygen transfer efficiencies of airlift bioreactors is due to

6308. The maximum specific growth rate (μm) of an organism in batch culture is equal to slope of a plot of

6309. The region of an airlift bioreactor in which the liquid travels in a downward direction is called the

6310. Population doubling time, td can be expressed as (where μ is the specific growth rate.)

6311. A higher Ks value of Monod's equation means

6312. The increased air flow rate in bubble column fermenter can cause excessive foaming and high retention of air bubbles in the column which

6313. Which of the following is correct for the prediction of time requirement in a batch fermenter?

6314. In an airlift bioreactor, the spent gases released from the liquid are called

6315. The contents in jet loop reactor are mixed through

6316. The specific growth rate (μ) is defined as

6317. The number of baffles in a standard stirred tank bioreactor is

6318. In the stationary phase

6319. Which of the following is an example of a mathematical model?

6320. Biomass concentrations during fermentation is

6321. Chemostats work on the principle of

6322. During the exponential phase the maximum specific growth rate equals specific growth rate as

6323. An internal draft tube is preferrred to an external draft tube because

6324. A functional relationship between the specific growth rate and essential compounds concentration was proposed by Monod in

6325. The optical density sometimes drops during the lag phase because

6326. The application of just in time (JIT) manufacturing techniques in biotechnology is important because

6327. Residence time distribution (RTD) of a reactor is independent of

6328. The bubble column fermenter is usually limited to

6329. A culture in a closed vessel to which no additional medium is added and from which no waste products are removed is called a __________ culture.

6330. If the specific growth rate, μ. is constant with time during the exponential growth period, the equation correlating bacterial number density Cn), cell number concentration with respect to time can be expressed as

6331. The diameter of the baffles in a standard stirred tank bioreactor ranges from

6332. During the log phase cell numbers increase exponentially

6333. Lag phase occurs mainly due to

6334. In a batch reactor specific growth rate

6335. Turbidostat is recommended when continuous fermentation needs to be carried out at

6336. The advantage of airlift bioreactors over stirred tank bioreactors of a similar size is

6337. Stirred tank fermenter (STF) can be employed for

6338. The specific growth rate is affected by

6339. The main function(s) of a draft tube in an air lift fermenter is/are to

6340. Which of the following is incorrect?

6341. The contents in bubble column and air lift reactor are mixed through

6342. Which of the following statements would be appropriate while comparing bubble column and air lift fermenter of the same size?

6343. During the lag phase

6344. Concentration of the growth limiting substrate means

6345. Tower fermentors are used for

6346. In wastewater treatment, which bioreactor is generally used?

6347. The contents in stirred tank rector are mixed through

6348. The height to diameter ratio (H/D) for the tank fermenters is

6349. The relatively large volume (10 to 40% of total fermenter volume) of the seed culture is employed to

6350. In an airlift bioreactor, the air sparging region is called

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