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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1263

63151. A two branch parallel tuned circuit has a capacitance C in one of the two branches and resistance R in second branchs. As C is decreased the dynamic resistance

63152. A system function the resonant frequency in rad/sec and bandwidth in rad/sec is given by

63153. The reading of the voltmeter in figure will be __________ volt.

63154. Find RL for maximum power transfer

63155. In an R-C circuit, the impedance is 40 Ω at a frequency of 100 Hz. At 200 Hz the impedance should be

63156. An RL series circuit has an impedance of 20 Ω when frequency is 25 Hz. At f= 50 Hz, the impedance will be

63157. In figure, the voltmeter is ideal. The transformer has two identical windings with perfect coupling. The reading of voltmeter is

63158. The final value of is

63159. The resistance of the circuit shown is figure is

63160. The self inductances of two coils are 27 H and 3 H. If the winding or coils is such that 50% of flux of one links the other, the mutual inductance is

63161. In a lead acid cell, the positive plate has spongy lead.

63162. The rms voltage measured across each of the circuit element in figure is as shown, when the circuit is excited by a sinusoidal voltage Es, the rms value of the source voltage es is

63163. For H(s) to be positive real, the condition Re[H(jω)] ≥ 0 for 0 ≤ ω ≤ ∞ is

63164. In the circuit, shown the current I marked is given by

63165. For a network having 1 Ω resistor and 1 F capacitor in series Z(s) =

63166. In given figure the switch was closed for a long time before opening at t = 0. The voltage Vx at t = 0+ is

63167. The purest form of iron is?

63168. S is open for a long time and steady state is reached S is closed at t = 0. Let iL the current in the inductor At t = 0+, is given by

63169. In an air cored coil, a current of 0.7 A causes a flux of 5 x 10-6 Wb. If the core is made of cast iron and the coil is similar, the same current can set up a flux of about

63170. When cells having different emfs are connected in parallel, a circulating current flows.

63171. In a specimen of cast iron, a field strength of 400 AT/m cause a flux density of 0.6 T. In a specimen of silicon steel, the same value of H would cause B to be

63172. The circuit shown in figure, will act as an ideal current source with respect to terminals A and B, when frequency is

63173. The realization of a term in the impedance function will give

63174. An RL admittance function can also be realized as

63175. In active filters inductances are divided because they

63176. Three resistance of 15 Ω each are connected in delta. The resistance of equivalent star will have a value of

63177. The circuit in figure(1) is replaced by that in figure(2). It remains same R0 will be

63178. In a varistor the v-i graph is linear.

63179. In the circuit of figure the current through 5 Ω resistance at t = 0+ is

63180. A parallel plate capacitor with air as dielectric has a capacitance C. If the dielectric has a dielectric constant ∈r and the remaining dimensions are the same, the capacitance will be

63181. Assertion (A): When excited by a unit step voltage, an inductor behaves as open circuit at t = 0.Reason (R): Inductance has the property of inertia.

63182. A bulb rated at 60 W, 120 V is used for 30 minutes. The charge associated with this operation is

63183. Two coil have their axis perpendicular to each other. The coefficient of coupling k is

63184. In a series RLC circuit, p-f is leading if XC < XL.

63185. In an RL series circuit the inductance is 1H and current at an instant is 0.6 A. The energy stored in magnetic field is

63186. In a series ac circuit a voltage of 20 V at 25 Hz causes a current of 0.20 A, while the same voltage at 75 Hz causes a current of 0.12 A. The circuit consists of

63187. Elements R, L, C are connected in parallel and excited by a dc current I. If iR, iL and iC are the currents through R, L, C respectively then at t = 0

63188. In a practical voltage source, the terminal voltage

63189. When slider of the potentiometer AB is in the position shown in figure, what resistance reading would be indicated by an ohmmeter connected between A and C?

63190. A series R-L circuit has R = 1 Ω and L = 1 H. It is excited by a V battery at t = 0. The steady state condition is reached at

63191. The current source in figure, can be replaced by

63192. If the voltage across the last resistor is V, and all the resistor is unity. Then Vs is given by

63193. In figure, iL at t = 0+ is

63194. In a purely inductive circuit, the current __________ the voltage by __________ .

63195. In the circuit of figure the voltage across C at t = 0+ is

63196. The frame of electric motor is connected to three plates having earthing resistance of 10 Ω, 20 Ω and 30 Ω respectively. The materials of the three plates are copper, aluminium and iron respectively. The percentage of energy dissipated by 10 Ω earthing plate

63197. In the circuit of figure, the power consumed in resistance R is measured when one source is acting at one time. These values are 18 W, 50 W and 98 W. When all source act together the maximum and minimum power can be

63198. The resistance RAB in the circuit is

63199. In the circuit of figure the current through L at t = ∞ is

63200. For a high pass filter attenuation = 0 at f = 0.

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