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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1274

63701. For the two ports in figure, y11 = 8 mho, y12 = y21 = -6 mho and y22 = 6 mho. The values of YA, YB, YC respectively are

63702. Vth = 0, if

63703. The electrochemical equivalent of a material

63704. For a two port network to be reciprocal

63705. Peak to peak value of a sine wave is equal to twice the peak value

63706. The following circuit resonates at

63707. In an ac network, Thevenin's impedance and Norton's impedance are

63708. In an RC impedance function

63709. Kirchoff's voltage law is not valid for a non-linear network

63710. Which one is correct option? A pure capacitor never dissipates energy, but only stores.Capacitor can store finite amount of energy even cunent is zero.The current through a capacitor is zero if voltage across it d.c.Voltage across a capacitor cannot change instantaneously since it would require an infinite current.qc(0-) = qc(0+)

63711. If a driving point function N(s) = p(s)/q(s), then

63712. For a half wave rectified voltage, the form factor and peak factor respectively are

63713. A series LCR circuit consisting of R = 20 Ω, | XL | = 20 Ω and | XC | = 20 Ω, connected across an A.C. supply of 200 V rms. The rms voltage across the capacitor is

63714. Assertion (A): In KVL equations involving mutually coupled circuits the sign of M terms can be positive or negative.Reason (R): Dot convention helps in determining sign of M terms in KVL equations.

63715. If F1(s) and F2(s) are two positive real functions, then the function which is always positive real is

63716. The condition AD - BC = 1 for two port network implies that the network is a

63717. The units for electrochemical equivalent are

63718. The impedance 3.2 - j 12 in polar form is given as

63719. For an R-C impedance function, the residues at all poles are

63720. In the circuit shown in figure, maximum power will be transferred when

63721. In the analogy between electric and magnetic circuits, flux is analogous to

63722. A two port network is reciprocal if and only if

63723. The voltage in a circuit follows the law v = 100 sin ωt if the frequency is 25 Hz, how long will it take for the voltage to rise to 50 volts?

63724. If then the value of is

63725. In solids the current flow is due to electrons only.

63726. In a discharging R-L circuit voltage across the resistor exhibits

63727. Choose the correct option Mesh is the smallest loop of circuitLoop is smallest path of circuitLoop does not contain any meshLoop may have one or more than one mesh

63728. Tesla is unit of

63729. In the given circuit, V1 = 40 V when R is 10 Ω. When R is zero, the value of V2 will be

63730. In one time constant, the current in a circuit reaches __________ percent of its final value.

63731. Assertion (A): Laplace transform of f(t) = e-at sin ωt is Reason (R): If Laplace transform of f(t) is F(s), then Laplace transform of e-at f(t) is F(s + a).

63732. A series RLC circuit is overdamped when

63733. The function (s + 2) (s + 4)/[(s + 1)(s + 3)]

63734. In figure, V1 = 40 V when R = 10 Ω, if R = 0, V2 will be

63735. The series element of a band stop filter is

63736. In a network containing resistances, reactances the root of the characteristic equation give for the circuit

63737. The rocks formed due to consolidation of weathered particles of the existing rocks are called:

63738. The circuit whose properties are same in either direction is known as

63739. Assertion (A): Peak to peak value of a sinusoidal wave is 2.828 times the rms value.Reason (R): Peak factor of a sinusoidal wave is 1.414.

63740. Complex poles give rise to oscillatory terms in the response.

63741. While drawing vector diagram for a series circuit, the reference vector is

63742. In all insulators the bonding is covalent.

63743. In a purely resistive circuit the instantaneous power varies from zero to maximum twice in each cycle.

63744. In terms of ABCD parameters, the image parameter Z11 is equal to

63745. A coil with large distributed capacitance has a

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