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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1275

63751. The voltage transfer functions of two port circuits connected in cascade can be easily found from

63752. In figure the number of tree branches and links respectively are

63753. For a transfer function the coefficients of the numerator and denominator polynomials in s must be real.

63754. A steel bar needs 1200 AT to magnetise it. The voltage that must be applied to the magnetising coil of 100 turns and 10 Ω resistance is __________ volt.

63755. In a series resonant circuit, the resonant frequency is

63756. If a function Z(s) has a pole at infinity, then

63757. In brick masonry the frog of the brick is generally kept on:

63758. A circuit said to be lumped when physical dimensions of all the component are __________ .

63759. Assertion (A): Q factor of a series resonant circuit is Reason (R): High Q means better selectivity.

63760. Drift velocity of electrons is generally less than 1 mm/s.

63761. Which of the following theorems is a manifestation of law of conservation of energy?

63762. An ac circuit has two branches in parallel. The impedances of the two branches are equal. The p.f. of one branch is 0.8 lagging and 0.8 leading. The overall p.f. is

63763. When sources of different frequencies feed a network the only method of solution is superposition theorem.

63764. In a lead acid battery

63765. The capacitance of a cylindrical capacitor is directly proportional to its length.

63766. In a passive band pass filter, the resonant frequencies of series and shunt arms are equal.

63767. Paley Wiener criterion states that a necessary and sufficient condition for an amplitude function |H(jω)| to be causal is that

63768. Which is correct for a transfer function?

63769. Choose the correct option, where H(s) is transfer function, Z(s) is driving point impedance functions

63770. When three 100 K, ± 10% fixed resistors of 1/4 W Power rating are connected in parallel, the resulting 33 K resistor will have a tolerance specification and power rating of

63771. Ten kilograms of rice .................. over two hundred rupees.?

63772. A capacitor with initial charge q0 at t = 0+ acts as

63773. Form factor for a sine wave is

63774. Choose the correct option, if b (branch), n (nodes), l (links)

63775. The resistance of human body is about

63776. At half power frequencies the current in R-L-C series circuit is __________ times current at resonance

63777. In figure, V reads 45V. Then I =

63778. A capacitor behave to d.c. as

63779. First class bricks should not absorb water more than:

63780. A system described by the following differential equation is initially rest for input x(t) = 2 u(t), the output y(t) is

63781. In a minimum function

63782. In a series circuit with fixed R and variable XL, the current locus lies in the fourth quadrant.

63783. A parallel connection of circuit is at below resonance circuit behave as

63784. Assertion (A): In figure the coefficients , n = 1, 2, ... and bn = 0 Reason (R): The periodic function is symmetrical about t = T and t = T/2.

63785. When an ac circuit has sources of different frequencies, the only method of analysis is superposition theorem.

63786. In a Parallel connection of circuit the bandwidth in terms of R, L, C is

63787. It two voltages are v1 = 100 sin (ωt - 30°) and v2 = cos ω t then

63788. In a purely inductive ac circuit the power curve is a sinusoid of the same frequency as the voltage.

63789. The superposition theorem is applicable to

63790. Where the Henle lies?

63791. The current flowing through a pure capacitor is called displacement current.

63792. A balanced chemical equation is in accordance with?

63793. An active network has

63794. Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature-coefficient of resistance?

63795. Poor power factor

63796. The input resistance of the network in figure is

63797. If two networks are cascaded then

63798. When a series RL circuit is switched on to a dc voltage, the rate of change of current is maximum at t = 0.

63799. The Suez Canal was completed in?

63800. India is a democratic republic because:?

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