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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 128

6401. Which of the following is not correct with regards to continuous cultures?

6402. In a plug flow reactor, the highest concentration of substrates is exposed to the cells that

6403. In an activated sludge process, the biomass is recycled to

6404. A strain of Escherichia coli has a maximum specific growth rate of 0.8 h-1 on a glucose based medium. If this organism is being grown in a chemostat with a dilution rate of 1.2 h-1, then at steady state the concentration of E. coli in the same medium will

6405. A fed-batch reactor containing 2 litre of medium and 0.1 g.l-l of biomass is fed with a medium containing 1 g.l-1 of substrate at 1 litre per hour. If after 10 hours, the concentration of biomass in the reactor was 0.2 g.l-1, then the biomass produced during the 10 hour period is

6406. Which of the following organisms will continue their metabolism at high substrate concentrations?

6407. Yeast is typically produced in fed batch reactors because

6408. Two continuous bioreactors containing the same organisms, fed with the same feed at the same dilution rate were compared. Reactor 1 started with an initial concentration of glucose of 10 g.l-1, while reactor 2 contained 0.1 g.l-1 of glucose at the start of the process then at steady state

6409. In a fluidized bed reactor mixing is achieved by

6410. The production of an amylase from starch by Aspergillus niger is often performed in a fed batch fermenter. This is due to the reason that

6411. The fastest route of NADH reoxidation is

6412. In fed batch bioreactor modelling, the rate of change in the bioreactor volume is assumed to be equal to

6413. Monoclonal antibodies are typically produced in fed batch reactors because

6414. In plug flow tubular reactor the axial velocity profile on cross-section will be

6415. Production of organic acids in batch culture is generally growth associated phase followed by non-growth associated production. The probable reason for this is that

6416. The concentration of biomass in a continuous stirred tank reactor is 20 g dry weight per litre. What would be the concentration of biomass in the effluent?

6417. The ideal tubular-flow fermenter without radial variations is called a

6418. Pseudo-steady state in a continuous reactor refers to a reactor in which

6419. The toxicity of organic acids to cells

6420. Which of the following is best described as secondary metabolite?

6421. A microorganism which is subjected to the Crabtree effect is most likely to

6422. When the product formation is approximately equal to the rate of cell growth, the pattern of product formation is termed as

6423. Which of the following would be correct concerning the concentration of biomass (X). growth limiting substrate (S) and product (P) in a chemostat when the cells have been washed out?

6424. Pseudomonas aeruginosa has a maximum specific growth rate of 0.8 h-1 in a medium with glucose as a growth limiting substrate. To prevent wash out, the dilution rate must be set to

6425. Saccharomyces cerevisiae when grown in high glucose concentration medium, the cells activity depends on which of the following?

6426. Continuous culture has an advantage over to a batch cultures as

6427. In the batch-fed mode, substrate will be added

6428. When Escherichia coli grow in a well aerated medium, which of the following will occur?

6429. Yield coefficient represents

6430. The lowest biomass yield in a culture of Escherichia coli will be in

6431. When two populations compete for a single growth limiting substrate in a continuous fermenter, which organism would not be washed out?

6432. The continuous cultures are not widely used in industry because

6433. The lowest yield of ATP /is in

6434. If drama : Audience, then writing

6435. Saranjami system was an important feature of the :

6436. What is ‘Panini’ associated with?

6437. Davis Cup is associated with:

6438. Energy is measured in the same unit as that of

6439. Bubble free aeration systems requires

6440. Non-linear relationship between shear stress and shear rate exists in

6441. If the viscosity of a fluid decreases with increasing stirrer speed, then the nature of the fluid is

6442. A pseudoplastic fluid is one in which the viscosity

6443. A viscoelastic fluid is one in which the viscosity

6444. Mixing in stirred tank reactors can

6445. In animal cell bioreactor, bubble damage can be minimized by

6446. The viscosity of a fluid changes with either stirrer speed or mixing time. But when mixing ceases, the viscosity returns to its original state. This fluid is best described as

6447. In sparged mammalian cell bioreactors, the cell damage is caused because of

6448. The SI unit for viscosity is

6449. The viscous nature of a non-Newtonian fluid

6450. Which of the following compound, if added to a solution will lead to the greatest increase in viscosity?

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