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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1284

64201. While using Maxwell bridge, the Q factor of a coil is obtained as

64202. The colour code of a carbon resistance is yellow-violet-orange silver. The value of resistance is

64203. Choose the correct option Transit period is the time between two steady stateTransient Response is the response due to internal energy stored in circuitTransit response is also called natural responseTransit response arises due to presence of C and L in the circuitTransit is due to R, L, C in the circuit

64204. If current is less than 20 mA and time of contact is very small, the effect of current on human body is likely to be temporary.

64205. A dielectric should have poor heat conductivity.

64206. The ability of a radio receiver to discriminate between different input signals and to accept only one definite signal is called its

64207. Assertion (A): A graph can have many trees.Reason (R): The number of tree branches is equal to number of nodes.

64208. Electric shock is

64209. The first critical frequency nearest the origin of the complex frequency plane for an RL driving point impedance will be

64210. If Ia, Ib, Ic are line currents and Ia0 is the zero sequences component of Ia then

64211. The polynomial P (s) = (s - 1) (s2 + 1) (s + 2) (s + 3) is

64212. If a resistance R of 1 Ω is connected between A and B in figure, current flowing through R is

64213. Assertion (A): In drawing an electric circuit analogous to a mechanical circuit, spring is replaced by capacitance.Reason (R): The behaviour of a spring and capacitor are similar.

64214. Two coils having equal resistance but different inductances are connected in series. The time constant of the series combination is

64215. The circuit shown in figure is a

64216. For a reactance function H(s)

64217. A sinusoidal current having peak value of 7.07 A is superimposed on dc of 5A. If a hot-wire ammeter is used to measure the combined current in the circuit, it will indicate __________ ampere.

64218. An ideal current source has

64219. The series element in band pass filter is

64220. The flux linkage ψ, self inductance L and current i are related as

64221. Assertion (A): A band elimination filter attenuates signals whose frequencies lie between the cutoff frequencies.Reason (R): A band elimination circuit is very different from band pass circuit.

64222. In a pure capacitive circuit if the supply frequency is reduced to 1/2, the current will

64223. Two coupled coils lie in parallel planes such that 50% of magnetic flux produced by one links the other. The coefficient of coupling is

64224. The unit of permeability is

64225. Auto defrost operated by:

64226. Economic Planning is a subject?

64227. The poles and zeros of a positive real functions are real or occur in conjugate pair.

64228. A coil is connected across a 200 V, 50 Hz supply and takes a current of 10 A. The loss in the coil is 1000 W. The impedance and resistance of the coil are

64229. In liquids charge carriers are electrons only.

64230. The current I flowing in the branch is

64231. In figure, the ratio V(s)/I(s) is

64232. Consider the following: Energy storage capability of basic passive elements is due to the fact thatresistance dissipates energycapacitance stores energyinductance dissipates energy Which of the above is/are correct?

64233. In an ac circuit that delivers constant power at varying p.f., the current is

64234. The parameter A of a two port network is equal to

64235. A series RLC circuit is supplied from a variable frequency ac source. The resonant frequency is ω0. The voltage across C is maximum at a frequency

64236. The maximum phase difference between the applied voltage and current in a RLC series current with finite values of R, L, C, and f can be

64237. If figure, I = 2A if R = 20 Ω. When R = 10 Ω current I is

64238. A phasor is

64239. The phase difference (jω - p1 )

64240. Pick the correct statement with respect to following figure.

64241. Permittivity has the units of F/m.

64242. A capacitor used for power factor correction in single- phase circuit decreases

64243. Which one of the following is an active component?

64244. A series RL circuit is switched on to an impulse. A δ(t) at t = 0. Then

64245. Parallel wire transmission line is an example of

64246. A 2-terminal network consists of one of the RLC elements. The elements is connected to an ac supply. The current through the element is 1 A. When an inductor is inserted in series between the source and the element, the current through the element becomes 2 A. What is this element?

64247. Who was responsible for the introduction of English as the official language in India?

64248. Consider the following statements for a driving point function F(jω): Re F(jω) is an even function of ω and is 0 or positive for all values of ω.Im F(jω) is an even function of ω and is 0 or positive for all values of ω.Re F(jω) is an odd function of ω and is 0 or negative for all values of ω.Re F(s) = 0 for Re s = 0. Which one of the statements given above is/are correct?

64249. Which of following is linear and bilateral parameter?

64250. In figure, the switch is initially open. At t = 0 switch is closed. vc (0+) and iL (0+) are

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