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64251. Brine solution density is checked by:

64252. If the peak value of output of a half wave rectifier is 100 V, the rms value is

64253. Assertion (A): is not an LC function.Reason (R): The highest powers of numerator and denominator do not differ by 1.

64254. For a flexible cable, most suitable insulation is

64255. Which are the states having boundaries with Kerala?

64256. A h is the unit of quantity of electricity.

64257. All network theorems of dc are applicable to ac also with different quantities taken as phasors.

64258. An ac circuit has two branches in parallel. The impedances of the two branches are equal. Their power factors are 0.8 lagging and 0.8 leading. The overall p.f. is

64259. An ideal refrigerants is one whose boiling point is:

64260. A dc voltage source is connected across a series RLC circuit, Under steady state conditions, the applied dc voltage drops entirely across the

64261. The resonance frequency is

64262. Maximum power transfer theorem is applicable to circuits with one source only.

64263. Two coupled coils have self inductance L1 and L2. The coefficients of coupling is k. The mutual inductance is

64264. Laplace transform method enables us to find the response in

64265. When analysing two port networks in cascade, it is more convenient to use

64266. For a transfer function H(s) = P(s)/Q(s), where P(s) and Q(s) are polynomials in s

64267. The inductance of a coil can be increased by

64268. The dual of quantity charge is

64269. Consider the following statement : If a network has an impedance of (1 - j) as a specific frequency, the circuit would consist of series R and CR and LR, L and C Which of the statement are correct?

64270. The minimum permissible size of aluminium cable for lighting circuit is

64271. Assertion (A): In a parallel circuit having two branches, each branch current may be more than source current.Reason (R): Calculations in ac circuits use rules of complex algebra.

64272. Which one of the following parameters does not exist for the two port network shown in the given figure?

64273. Current density J, conductivity σ and electric field E in a conductor are related as

64274. The condenser in indirect system,condenses:

64275. I ......... him yesterday.?

64276. The ratio of active power to apparent power is known as __________ factor.

64277. A pole zero plot of a filter is shown in figure. It is

64278. Two RLC series circuit has same damping ratio. Circuit 1 has higher natural frequency as compared to circuit 2. Then

64279. In an idealized half wave rectified system the average and r.m.s. values of voltage are __________ respectively.

64280. A function f(t) = k eat is __________ for (a > 0).

64281. The peak factor is the ratio of

64282. In attenuation band, β is an odd multiple of p .

64283. Which of the following is correct? The circuit shown in the figure. is reciprocal but not symmetricalis not reciprocal but symmetricalboth reciprocal and symmetricalneither reciprocal nor symmetrical

64284. In a series RLC circuit, the value of resistance for critical damping is

64285. A capacitor is considered to be completely charged in __________ time constant.

64286. For an m-derived high pass filter

64287. Consider the following statements associated with two port networks. Z12 = Z21Y12 = Y21h12 = h21AD - BC = 1 Which one of the statement given above are correct?

64288. Assertion (A): The number of basic loops is equal to number of links.Reason (R): The graph theory helps in choosing independent variables in circuit analysis.

64289. In an R-L-C circuit, v(t) = 20 sin (314 t + 5 p /6) and i(t) = 10 sin (314 t + 2p /3). The p.f of the circuit is

64290. In any network of linear impedances the current flowing at any point equal to algebric sum of currents caused to flow at that point by each of the emf taken separately with all other emfs reduced to zero. The statement represents.

64291. The Kirchoff's laws fail in which of the following circuits?

64292. A black box has one of the elements our of R, L, C. when a 220 V a supply is connected the current supplied by source is I. when a 0.1 F capacitor is connected in parallel with the box, the current is 2I. The element is

64293. In figure, the switch has been in closed position for a long time. At t = 0, the switch is opened. At t = 0+, the current R1 is

64294. The expression for the resonant frequency ω0 in the circuit shown

64295. The phase difference between them is __________ degrees.

64296. Norton's theorem reduces a two terminal network to

64297. For a two- port reciprocal network, the output open circuit voltage divided by the input current is equal to

64298. If H(s) is positive real, 1/H(s)

64299. Open-circuit voltage is the potential difference between two point when the impedance between these points is

64300. A network has two sources of different frequencies. The only method of analysis which can be used to find current and voltages of different branches is the use of

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