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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1301

65051. For exponential function e-at the Laplace transform 1/(s - a)

65052. Consider the sequence x[n] = [- 4 - j5 1 + J2 4]

65053. Assertion (A): The unit impulse function is also known as Dirac delta function.Reason (R): If a voltage

65054. The train that connects Thiruvanathapuram and Nilambur is .........?

65055. The z- transform of a systerm is If the ROC is |z| < 0.2, then the impluse response of the system is

65056. ROC of sequence x[n] = (3)n ∪[n] + (4)n ∪[- n - 1]

65057. δ(t - b) is a pulse function.

65058. A signal is sampled at Nyquist rate fs = 2f0. The function can be recovered from its samples only. If it is a

65059. A voltage wave is v = 50 sin ωt. Its average value calculated over full one cycle is

65060. If f1 (t) and f2 (f) are two functions of time and a and b are constants, then

65061. Hydrolith is?

65062. Fourier transform of f(t) =

65063. A voltage wave is i = 100 sin (ωt). Its average value calculated over one half cycle is

65064. In the given figure 15.5 show a discrete time system consisting of a unit delay system, a multiplier and a summer, such that y(k) = x(k - 1) + 0.5 x(k). This system

65065. An RLC series circuit has a variable inductance. The value of L for resonance conditions at fundamental frequency is 0.18 H. For resonance conditions at third harmonic frequency the value of inductance is

65066. 350 litres refrigerator---------compressor is used

65067. If function f(t) has an initial value f(0-) at t = 0-, the Laplace transform of is

65068. A voltage v = 5 + 50 sin ωt/ + 5 sin 5 &omegat is applied to a pure capacitor of capacitance 1 ωF. If f/= 314 rad/sec, current is

65069. The stationary process has

65070. If x1(t) = 2 sin p t + cos 4 p t and x2(t) = sin 5 p t + 3 sin 13 p t then

65071. An ac network has a power factor of 0.8 leading if the applied wave is of fundamental frequency. If the applied wave contains third and fifth harmonics, the overall power factor will be

65072. Assertion (A): A sweep circuit operates by virtue of recurring transient phenomenon.Reason (R): Transients are always undesirable.

65073. If f(t) = - f(- t) satisfies Drichlet conditions, then f(t) can be expanded in Fourier series containing

65074. Who amongst the following kings defeated Harsha’s army on the bank of river Narmada?

65075. The joint probability function of two discrete random variable X and Y is given by x = 0, 2, y = 2, 3 variance σ2 will be [Hint: σ2 = E(X2) - μ2 ⇒ E(X2) - (E(X))2]

65076. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with:?

65077. The Laplace transform of f(t) is

65078. If f(t) is in volts, then F(jω) is in

65079. A voltage V(t) which is a Gaussian ergodic random process with a mean of zero and a variance of 4 volt2 is measured by a true rms meter. The reading will be

65080. Assertion (A): If , the final value of i(t) = 10Reason (R): If , the initial value i(t) = 2

65081. An ac circuit has an impedance of (3 + j6) ohm for fundamental. The impedance for fifth harmonic is

65082. Which of following is recursive system?

65083. In terms of signum function sgn(t), unit step function u(t) =

65084. Choose correct option

65085. If I(s) = , fnal value of i(t) is

65086. If sequence y(n) = x(-n) then it is

65087. In the given figure 15.6 shows a series, R - C circuit fed by a current source i(t). There is an initial voltage v0. across the capacitor. The system

65088. The function δ(t - b) is

65089. An ac network has a power factor of 0.8 lagging for fundamental frequency. If the applied voltage contains thrid and fifth harmonics, the overall power factor will be

65090. what will be sampling rate to aviod aliasing for the signal m(t) = 10 cos 100 p t?

65091. If Laplace transform of f(t) is F(s), then =

65092. Choose the function f(t), - ∞ < t < + ∞, for which a Fourier series cannot be defined

65093. Assertion (A): The number ∈ such that the probability that an error is between -∈ and + ∈ is 1 is called probable error of single obserevation. Reason (R): The standard deviation is the arms value of the deviation from the arithmetic mean.

65094. According to the National Anthem Case (1986) what is imperative to show the requisite respect to the National Anthem?

65095. DNA is associated with a sugar called?

65096. If a function has only cosine terms, it must satisfy the equation

65097. If v(t) is a time varying voltage, is

65098. If otherwise find E(X)

65099. The data of speed of train V and resistance to motion R is The law R = a + bV2 is of the form

65100. If then the sequence x[n] is

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