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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1300

65001. For the system in the given figure

65002. Fish breaths through?

65003. Laplace transform of eat cos (a t) is

65004. The impulse response of discrete time system is x[n] = (4)n ∪[3 - n], the system is

65005. The value of the in + ve sense is

65006. There is somebody outside who ......... to talk to you.?

65007. The inverse Laplace transform of is

65008. A voltage wave v = 10 + 20 sin ωt + 7.5 sin 3 ω(t) is applied to a series combination of two elements. The current is i = 5 sin (ωt + 20°) + 1.5 sin (3ωt + 10°). The elements are

65009. If F(t) = δ(t - a), F(s)=

65010. The property is not valid for basic singularity function is

65011. Magnitude Plot of a Composite signal x(t) = e2jt + e3jt is

65012. Specify the thickness of a sheet metal having 18 SWG (Standard Wire Guage)

65013. F.T. of normalized Gaussian function e-p t2 is

65014. If F(s) is the Laplace transform of f(t) then Laplace transform of

65015. Assertion (A): L[e-at f(t)] = F(s + a) Reason (R): In use of Laplace transform method, initial conditions may be neglected.

65016. An ac sinusoidal wave has an rms value of 10 V. The peak to peak value is

65017. A complex wave is 5 + 5 sin ωt. Its rms value is

65018. Let be the Fourier transform of y(n), then y(ej0) is

65019. The Laplace transform of a vlotage across a capacitor is Vc (s) = . If capacitor is 0.5 F, The current through capacitor at t = 0+ is

65020. The value of Integral (t2 + 2) δ(t - 3)dt is equal to

65021. The z transform of sequence x[n] = {2, 4, 3, 2}

65022. Who was withdrawn the emergency in 1975?

65023. Assertion (A): For the function shown in figure Laplace transform is Reason (R):

65024. The energy of constant amplitude complex valued exponential sequence is ...

65025. The value of Integral δ(t) sin t dt is equal to

65026. Assertion (A): If Reason (R):

65027. A rectangular pulse train s(t) is shown in figure is convolved with the signal cos2(4p x 103t). The convolved signal will be a

65028. Transfer function of a linear system is 200 e-j10ω The system is a

65029. which one is discrete time periodic signal?

65030. Frequency domain of a periodic triangular function is a

65031. Which of the following are referred to as the developed economies?

65032. The inverse Laplace transform of

65033. ......... enough food for all?

65034. We saw no-one we knew, .........?

65035. The effective value of the waveform in the given figure is

65036. Which one of following is a static system?

65037. Which of the following is known as the ‘Satirical Counter Part’ of Oscar?

65038. If i(t) is a time varying current, is

65039. The size of ½” copper tube is equal to:

65040. The signal is

65041. In the state equation x = AX + Bu is a n x m matrix.

65042. If the poles of H(z) are at

65043. Which one is a non-causal system?

65044. A linear system is characterized by H(ω) = Be-2ω2 the system is physically

65045. The current in a circuit with 10 Ω resistance is i = 3 + 4 sin (100 t + 45°) + 4 sin (300 t + 60°) A. The rms current and power dissipated are

65046. Fourier transform pair are

65047. Which among the following was not an expoent of Bhakti movement?

65048. A signal x(n) = sin(ω0n + φ) is the input to a linear time invariant system having a frequency response H(ejω) If the O/P of the system is Ax(n -n0), then the general form of H(ejω) will be

65049. Fourier transform of -jt f(t) is

65050. A casual system having the transfer function is excited with 10 ∪(t). The time at which the output reaches 99% of its steady-state value is

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