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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1299

64951. The ROC of sequence in the Z.T. of sequence x[n] = an ∪ [n] is

64952. In Laplace transform, multiplication by e-at in time domain becomes

64953. When was the first Asiad held?

64954. What is a junk e-mail?

64955. The amount of heat required in calories to raise the temperature of one gram of substance through 10C is:

64956. Inverse Fourier transform of sgn (ω) is

64957. If I (s) , the final value of i(t) is

64958. A signal m(t) is multiplied by a sinusoidal waveform of frequency fc such that v(t)=m(t) cos 2p fct If Fourier transform of m(t) is M(f), Fourier transform of v(t) will be

64959. A voltage wave having 5% fifth harmonic content is applied to a series RC circuit. The percentage fifth harmonic content in the current wave will be

64960. Assertion (A): If , the initial value of i(t) is 5AReason (R): As per initial vaue theroem

64961. δ(t) is a

64962. The analog signal given below is sampled by 600 samples per second for m(t) = 3 sin 500 p t + 2 sin 700 p t then folding frequency is

64963. The signal defined by the equations f(t) = 0 for t < 0, f(t) = E for 0 ≤ t ≤ a and f(t) = 0 for t > a is

64964. Inverse Laplace transform of is

64965. Two function g1(t) and g2(t) with correlation of 6 has average power of 4 and 5 respectively. The power of g1(t) + g2(t) is

64966. Look, the sun ......... in the east?

64967. Z transform is a non-linear operation.

64968. A signal g(t) = A then g(t) is a

64969. The Fourier series of an odd periodic function contains

64970. If , the terms in f(t) will have

64971. An impulse function consist of

64972. As per time displacement theorem in Laplace transformation, displacement in the time domain by T becomes

64973. Which one is a causal system?

64974. If , the coefficient of term e-t in f(t) will be

64975. Double integration of a unit step function would lead to

64976. If f(t) = A d(t - a), F(s) is

64977. If is the Laplace transform of f(t) then f(0+) is

64978. If f=0

64979. An ac circuit has an impedance of (2 - j 9) Ω for third harmonic. The impedance for fundamental is

64980. The ROC of sequence x[n] = (0.8)n ∪[n] + (0.4)n ∪[n]

64981. Pick the odd one

64982. Who was elected the president of INC when Subash Chandra Bose resigned?

64983. If Laplace transform of f(t) is F(s), then £ f(t - a) u (t - a)= 0

64984. Assertion (A): L[af1(t) + bf2(t)] = aF1(s) - bF2(s)Reason (R): Initial value theroem enables us to find the value of f(t) at t = 0 directly from F(s)

64985. The Laplace transform of impulse δ(t) is

64986. Assertion (A): The modified ramp function of the given figure can be represented s sum of two ramp functions of the given figure Reason (R): If f(t) = t, F(s) = 1

64987. The ancient kingdom of Avanti had its capital at?

64988. The trignometric Fourier series of an even function of time does not have

64989. Z transformer of

64990. An ac wave with superimposed dc is symmetrical about x - axis.

64991. Assertion (A): If a wave v = A1 + A2 sin ωt is applied to a pure capacitor the current wave is i = A3 sin(ωt + 90°) Reason (R): A capacitor presents infinite impedance to dc.

64992. State variables which describe a system are a unique set.

64993. The F.T. of a conjugate symmetric function is always

64994. Which one is time invariant system?

64995. The Fourier series representation of a periodic current (2 + 62 cos ωt +48 sin 2ωt) A. The effective value is

64996. Rewrite as directed:Did the noise frighten you? (Turn into passive )?

64997. If , then x(n) series has

64998. Assertion (A): Intergal of a unit step function is a ramp of slope unity.Reason (R): If

64999. If then, f(0+) and f(∞) are given by

65000. The signal define by the equations u(t - a) = 0 for t < a and u(t - a) = 1 for t ≥ a is

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