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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1298

64901. Presently, the worlds's largest and most advanced multi-purpose communication satellite is

64902. A satellite link uses different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to

64903. A colour television signal having bandwidth of 4.6 MHz is digitised using 10 bits sample. The digital bit rate used for its transmission with PCM would be __________ kilobits/second.

64904. Regarding TASI which one of the following statements is wrong?

64905. Master control facility (MCF) for INSAT-2 series satellites is located at

64906. The communication satellite INSAT-IB had to take up the job of INSAT-IA because the latter collapsed within __________ months of its launch.

64907. The distance of a synchronous satellite from Earth's surface is __________ km.

64908. A typical error rate on satellite circuits is one bit error in

64909. Geosynchronous communication satellites travel around the earth in circular orbits with a forward speed of about __________ km/h.

64910. In satellite communication, highly directional antennas are used to

64911. The average noise temperature of Earth, as viewed from space, is __________ °K.

64912. Low-orbit satellites are not used for communications because they

64913. After the death of INSAT-IB, the mainstay of the entire Indian satellite network for some time to come would be

64914. Which statement out of the following statement is wrong?

64915. For satellite transmission, analog signals may be converted into digital form with the help of

64916. The maximum signal propagation time of a geosynchronous satellite transmission is about __________ millisecond.

64917. The life time of a geosynchronous communication

64918. The traffic-handling capacity of an Earth station on the uplink depends on

64919. System satellites orbit the Earth once in

64920. The lowest frequency used in satellite communications is __________ GHz.

64921. Geosynchronous satellites are always launched in the equatorial plane because it is the only plane which provides

64922. A few minutes disturbance in space communications occurs twice a year during Sunblinding when __________ are in line.

64923. The first geostationary satellite launched in 1965 was called

64924. Rotation of a geosynchronous satellite means its

64925. The present total cost per watt of power generation in geosynchronous orbit is nearly Rs.

64926. Noise temperature of Sun is more than __________ °K.

64927. A 20 m antenna gives a certain uplink gain at frequencies of 4/6 GHz. For getting same gain in the 20/30 GHz band, antenna size required is metre.

64928. The metal wire which give good earth contact is:

64929. Name the temperature at which moisture condenses on a surface:

64930. Name the correct tool which is used to cut wires

64931. Select the minimum number of diodes used in fulwave rectifier:

64932. The unit of pressure in SI system is:

64933. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: There were ......... telephone booths around, so the old one was closed.?

64934. A voltage V(t) is a Gaussian ergodic random process with a mean of zero and a variance of 4 volt2. If it is measured by a dc meter. The reading will be

64935. A first order system will never be able to give a __________ response band stopband passall pass Choose the correct option

64936. In the given figure the ratio T/d is the duty factor.

64937. If £[f(t)] = F(s), then £[f(t - T)] =

64938. The z-transform of a particular signal is given where The system after implementation will be

64939. The system with given pole-zero diagram is

64940. A pole zero pattern of a certain filter is shown in figure. This filter must be

64941. If transfer function of a system is H(z) = 6 + z-1 + z-2 then system is

64942. The period of the function cos is

64943. Let x(t) and y(t) with F.T. x(f) and y(f) respectively be related as shown in figure Then y(f) is

64944. Which one is a linear system?

64945. Laplace transform of a pulse function of magnitude E and duration from t = 0 to t = a is

64946. The continuous time system with impulse response h(t) = is stable, for n is even, when

64947. If I (s) , initial value of i(t) is

64948. If then for this to be true x(t) is

64949. For the discrete time system of the given figure

64950. The analog signal m(t) is given below m(t) = 4 cos 100 p t + 8 sin 200 p t + cos 300 p t, the Nyquist sampling rate will be

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