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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 135

6751. Fructose diphosphate accumulation would

6752. വർക്കല നഗരത്തിന്‍റെ സ്ഥാപകൻ? [Varkkala nagaratthin‍re sthaapakan?]

6753. Aldolases splits fructose 1,6 biphosphate into

6754. What would be the molecular formula for a polymer made by linking ten glucose molecules together by dehydration synthesis, if molecular formula for glucose is C6H,206?

6755. Glycolysis reactions take place in

6756. In the Glycolysis reaction, for each glucose conversion how many ATP's are produced?

6757. An intermediate which inhibits the activity of fructose 1,6 diphos-phatase would inhibit

6758. Which of the following enzymes plays an important role in the Cori " cycle?

6759. Regulated metabolic pathways are

6760. When living organisms are cooled below some critical body temperature, the metabolic reactions within their cells cease to function properly. This malfunction occurs because

6761. Glycogen degradation requires the enzyme namely

6762. The hormones, glucagon and epinephrine, stimulate glycogen breakdown to G-6-P

6763. What is the cause of the genetic disease known as Galactosemia?

6764. Which of the following does not occur during gluconeogenesis?

6765. Which of the following characteristic enzymes of gluconeogensis is not found in the cytosol?

6766. The function of gluconeogenesis is

6767. What is the consensus N-glycosylation site in a protein sequence?

6768. The process not involved in the formation of glucose by gluconeo-genesis is

6769. Each reaction in a metabolic pathway is

6770. Fructose is metabolized by

6771. A common way that cells capture the energy released during the breakdown of large molecules is to add electrons to smaller, specialized molecules that can accept them. This process of electron acceptance is otherwise known as

6772. Humans are unable to digest

6773. How many ATP equivalents per mole of glucose input are required for gluconeogenesis?

6774. Which of the following compounds is responsible for coordinated regulation of glucose and glycogen metabolism?

6775. A template is :

6776. Which branch of Science was sir C.V. Raman awarded for with the Nobel Prize?

6777. English education was started in Travancore at the time of ————

6778. The first Prime Minister of India

6779. The National Literacy Mission was launched by the Prime Minister in the year

6780. Self-phosphorylation is an excellent mechanism for triggering specific catalytic function of the proteins involved in signal cascades because it

6781. Which of the following statements about G proteins is false?

6782. When a __________ reaches its __________ , there is a specific means of receiving it and acting on the message. This task is the responsibility of specialized proteins called __________ .

6783. Why is it that inhaling nitric oxide reduces blood pressure only in the lung tissue and not elsewhere in the body?

6784. Which of the following comes under the category of cell surface receptor?

6785. Which of the following is true about a hydrophilic signaling molecule?

6786. cAMP and cGMP are derived from

6787. Nitroglycerin has long been administered to human patients suffering from chronic chest pain (angina). This medication works because it

6788. If a disease of the blood vessels caused the endothelial cells of the vessel to die, what effect would that have on the cellular activities associated with vasodilation?

6789. In terms of cell communication, what do bacterial pathogens such as cholera and anthrax have in common?

6790. What is the name of the protein signaling molecule that alters glucose uptake, and where would its receptors be located?

6791. In the signal transduction mechanism known as protein phosphorylation

6792. Cell signaling can be classified into

6793. Which of the following statement is correct?

6794. In vasodilation, proper nerve signals sent to blood vessels cause

6795. A cell is known to respond to a particular signaling molecule. Which of the following must be true of this cell?

6796. The enzyme that catalyzes the splitting of PIP2 into two molecules of inositol triphosphate (IP3) and diacylglycerol in cell signaling, is

6797. The binding of ligands to many G-proteins linked receptors leads to shortlived

6798. Which of the following processes involve the combining of a message from one signaling molecule with that of another to either enhance or inhibit a cellular effect?

6799. A signal cascade induced by adrenaline or thyroxine

6800. Which of the following is a second messenger?

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