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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 134

6701. Where the acyl-CoA formed in the cytosol is transported for oxidation?

6702. The transport of acyl-CoA for oxidation using a shuttle involves formation of the intermediate

6703. Membrane potential and the proton gradient

6704. The irreversibility of the thiokinase reactions (formation of initial acyl-CoA)

6705. Long-chain fatty acids are oxidized step-wise in one carbon units starting from the

6706. How many molecules of acetyl-CoA are produced in oxidation of palmitic acid (C16), which involves seven rounds of oxidation?

6707. The oxidation of methanol (wood alcohol) in human retina tissue leads directly to the formation of

6708. Auto Text features :

6709. When the text in document exceeds the length of a page, word insert:

6710. Manusmriti deals with ———

6711. The feature available in MS Word to type data in row and column form :

6712. Kanishka’s capital was at Purushapura. Which of the following places in his large kingdom had the status almost of a second capital ?

6713. Gluconeogenesis requires a higher amount of ATP equivalents as compared to that produced by glycolysis because

6714. Which of the following is carried out when cAMP functions as a second messenger?

6715. The production or break down of __________ is often coupled with the metabolic reactions of biosynthesis and catabolism.

6716. The cells dependent solely on glucose as an energy source are

6717. The main site for gluconeogenesis is

6718. Which of the following statements about the energy needs of cells is false?

6719. In lysozyme catalysis, which of the following does not contribute?

6720. Cellulose fibers resemble with the protein structure in the form of

6721. During vigorous exercise, pyruvate produced by glycolysis is converted to

6722. Glucagon and epinephrine

6723. The NAG6 substrate is hydrolyzed by human lysozyme to form

6724. Gluconeogenesis uses

6725. Saliva contains all of the following except

6726. The conversion of pyruvate to oxaloacetate

6727. Gluconeogenesis is the

6728. Hydrolysis of lactose yields

6729. Two major products of pentose phosphate pathway are

6730. A catabolic intermediate which stimulates phosphofructokinase would stimulate

6731. Pyruvate is initially converted to which of the following in the gluconeogenesis?

6732. Boat and chair conformations are found

6733. The conversion of pyruvate to lactate is catalysed by

6734. Which of the following can act as precursors for gluconeogenesis?

6735. a-amylose is similar to

6736. Storage polysaccharide made by animals is

6737. The glycosidic bond

6738. The sugar which forms major component of nucleic acids is

6739. Under aerobic condition pyruvate is converted by pyruvate dehydrogenase to

6740. Which of the following is not a disaccharide?

6741. Hexokinase activity in glycolysis is inhibited by

6742. The ultimate source of energy that sustains living systems is

6743. Citric acid accumulation would

6744. Which of the following is not involved in the biosynthesis of DNA?

6745. Which of the following would be considered a part of metabolism?

6746. Insulin

6747. What is present in the stomach to prevent self-digestion?

6748. Patients suffering from Von Gierke's disease are unable to perform gluconeogeneis because they have a defective

6749. The multistep pathways of metabolism are efficient because they

6750. Metabolic reactions that break down complex molecules into smaller compounds, thereby releasing usable energy for the cell, are best described as

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