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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 133

6651. Which of the following are responsible for immune specificity?

6652. Which species lack immunoglobulin light chains?

6653. Monoclonal refers to

6654. β-Lymphocytes are often called simply

6655. IgE provides

6656. Fab fragment has

6657. The main function of antibodies is to

6658. Alum is an effective adjuvant because it

6659. A secondary antibody is an antibody that

6660. The immunoglobulin fold is

6661. Antibodies of the IgG class

6662. Each IgA antibody molecule consists of

6663. Antibodies in the human immune system can identify approximately 108 different molecules Which one of the following is correct?

6664. Monoclonal antibodies were first produced by

6665. A polyclonal antibody response

6666. Structures of anti-PCP antibody shows that the tight binding of PCP to the antibody is primarily due to

6667. Antigenic determinants bind to which portions of an antibody?

6668. The humoral immune response relies on the production of soluble proteins called

6669. The human IgG class of antibodies is divided into

6670. Which of those immunoglobulin classes is mainly found in external secretions?

6671. Cleavage of an IgG molecule by a specific protease can produce

6672. Papain digest IgG into

6673. Antibodies can be used

6674. Type A blood

6675. In a word document, grammatical errors are marked with :

6676. To select multiple words but not continous in a document the key combination used is :

6677. ‘Line space’ in a word document means :

6678. Who founded the so-called Slave Dynasty of India

6679. The direction of trade winds in the northern hemisphere

6680. During the lag period between antigen contact and detection of adaptive immunity,

6681. Lymphocytes are activated by antigen in the

6682. A pathogen can be a (n)

6683. CD antigens

6684. A virus vaccine that can activate cytotoxic T cells must contain

6685. The ability of an antigen to induce an immune response does not depend on the antigen's

6686. The antibiotic penicillin is a small molecule that does not induce antibody formation. However, penicillin binds to serum proteins and forms a complex that in some people induces antibody formation resulting in an allergic reaction. Penicillin is therefore

6687. For specific antigen recognition by T cells,

6688. Antigen, when injected in the body activates its specific lymphocytes in the

6689. A molecule that can be covalently linked to a non-immunogenic antigen to make it an immunogen is called a (n)

6690. Which of the following is incorrect with regard to antigen epitopes?

6691. Very low doses of antigen may induce

6692. Rig Veda is believed by historians to have been written when

6693. Monica Seles is associated with

6694. According to the Chiness chronicleres, Kushans were known as :

6695. Who amongst the following Sikh Gurus, was tortured to death by Jahangir on a charge of treason ?

6696. Ustad Bismilla Khan is associated with

6697. The maximum energy per gram on oxidization is yielded from

6698. The oxidation of methanol (wood alcohol) in human retina tissue indirectly leads to

6699. Each cycle of β-oxidation produces

6700. The three identical b subunits of the F1, complex during ATP synthesis have

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