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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1394

69701. Statement: Should officers accepting bribe be punished? Arguments: No. Certain circumstances may have compelled them to take bribe. Yes. They should do the job they are entrusted with, honestly.

69702. Statement: Should there be a complete ban on use of all types of chemical pesticides in India? Arguments: No. The pests will destroy all the crops and the farmers will have nothing to harvest. Yes. The chemical pesticides used in agriculture pollute the water underground and this has become a serious health hazard.

69703. Statement: Should cutting of trees be banned altogether? Arguments: Yes. It is very much necessary to do so to restore ecological balance. No. A total ban would harm timber based industries.

69704. Statement: Should there be a restriction on the migration of people from one state to another state in India? Arguments: No. Any Indian citizen has a basic right to stay at any place of his/her choice and hence they cannot be stopped. Yes. This is the way to effect an equitable distribution of resources across the states in India.

69705. Statement: Should all refugees, who make unauthorized entry into a country, be forced to go back to their homeland? Arguments: Yes. They make their colonies and occupy a lot of land. No. They leave their homes because of hunger or some terror and on human grounds, should not be forced to go back.

69706. Statement: Should India create a huge oil reserve like some Western countries to face difficult situations in future? Arguments: No. There is no need to block huge amount of foreign exchange and keep the money idle. Yes. This will help India withstand shocks of sudden rise in oil prices due to unforeseen circumstances.

69707. Statement: Should there be more than one High Court in each state in India? Arguments: No. This will be a sheer wastage of taxpayers' money. Yes. This will help reduce the backlog of cases pending for a very long time.

69708. Statement: Should judiciary be independent of the executive? Arguments: Yes. This would help curb the unlawful activities of the executive. No. The executive would not be able to take bold measures.

69709. Statement: Should all the practising doctors be brought under Government control so that they get salary from the Government and treat patients free of cost? Arguments: No. How can any country do such an undemocratic thing? Yes. Despite many problems, it will certainly help minimize, if not eradicate, unethical medical practices.

69710. Statement: Should students take part in politics? Arguments: Yes. It inculcates in them qualities of leadership. No. They should study and build up their career.

69711. Statement: Should the opinion polls predicting outcome of elections before the elections be banned in India? Arguments: Yes. This may affect the voters mind and may affect the outcome. No. Such polls are conducted all over the world.

69712. Statement: Should the political parties be banned? Arguments: Yes. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians. No. It will lead to an end of democracy.

69713. Statement: Should system of offering jobs only to the wards of government employees be introduced in all government offices in India? Arguments: No. It denies opportunity to many deserving individuals and government may stand to lose in the long run. No. It is against the principle of equality, does not government owe its responsibility to all its citizens?

69714. Statement: Should the vehicles older than 15 years be rejected in metros in India? Arguments: Yes. This is a significant step to lower down the pollution level in metros. No. It will be very difficult for vehicle owners to shift to other parts in country because they will not get suitable job for their very existence.

69715. Statement: Should the tuition fees in all post-graduate courses be hiked considerably? Arguments: Yes. This will bring in some sense of seriousness among the students and will improve the quality. No. This will force the meritorious poor students to stay away from post-graduate courses.

69716. Statement: Should the persons below the age of 18 years be allowed to join armed forces? Arguments: No. Persons below the age of 18 do not attain both physical and mental maturity to shoulder such burden. Yes. This will help the country develop its armed forces which will serve the country for a longer time.

69717. Statement: Should all the infrastructural development projects in India be handed over to the private sector? Arguments: No. The private sector entities are hot equipped to handle such projects. Yes. Such projects are handled by private sector in the developed countries.

69718. Statement: Should all the colleges in India be allowed to devise their own curriculum and syllabus for the vocational courses promoting self-employment? Arguments: Yes. This is an important step to generate employment opportunities. No. This will affect the quality of education due to lack of uniformity in syllabus.

69719. Statement: Should agriculture in rural India be mechanized? Arguments: Yes. It would lead to higher production. No. Many villagers would be left unemployed.

69720. Statement: Should there be concentration of foreign investment in only few states? Arguments: No. It is against the policy of overall development of the country. Yes. A large number of states lack infrastructure to attract foreign investment.

69721. Statement: Should the oil companies be allowed to fix the price of petroleum products depending on market conditions? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to make the oil companies commercially viable. No. This will put additional burden on the retail prices of essential commodities and will cause a lot of hardships to the masses.

69722. Statement: Should the education at all levels be offered only in vernacular medium? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to enhance performance of the students. No. This will severely affect acquiring knowledge for want of good text books in vernacular medium.

69723. Statement: Should there be only one rate of interest for term deposits of varying durations in banks? Arguments: No. People will refrain from keeping money for longer duration resulting into reduction of liquidity level of banks. Yes. This will be much simple for the common people and they may be encouraged to keep more money in banks.

69724. Statement: Should all news be controlled by Government in a democracy? Arguments: Yes. Variety of news only confuses people. No. Controlled news loses credibility.

69725. Statement: Should taxes on colour television be further increased? Arguments: Yes, Colour television is a luxury item and only rich people buy them. No, Televisions are bought by the poor too.

69726. Statement: Should the educated unemployed youth be paid "unemployment allowance" by the Government? Arguments: Yes. It will provide them some monetary help to either seek employment or to kick-start some 'self-employment' venture. No. It will dampen their urge to do something to earn their livelihood and thus promote idleness among the unemployed youth.

69727. Statement: Should higher education be restricted to only those who can bear the expenditure? Arguments: Yes. Higher education is very costly; hence it should not be given free. No. There are a large number of brilliant students who cannot afford to pay and they should be given higher education.

69728. Statement: Should those who receive dowry, despite the law prohibiting it, be punished? Arguments: Yes. Those who violate the law must be punished. No. Dowry system is firmly rooted in the society since time immemorial.

69729. Statement: Is the Government justified in spending so much on defence? Arguments: Yes. Safety of the country is of prime importance. No. During peace, this money could be used for the development of the country.

69730. Statement: Should girls learn arts like judo and karate? Arguments: Yes. It will enable them to defend themselves from rogues and ruffians. No. They will lose their feminine grace.

69731. Statement: Should India develop a national water grid by connecting all the rivers in the country? Arguments: No. This is not just possible as we do not have the technical knowhow. Yes, this will greatly help the entire country by effectively channelizing the excess water to the areas having shortage.

69732. Statement: Should individuals/institutes having treasures of national significance like Nobel Prizes, hand them over to the Central Government for their safe custody? Arguments: Yes. The individuals or institutions do not have enough resources to protect them. No. These are the property of the individuals/institutions who win them and should be in their custody.

69733. Statement: Should there be reservation of seats and posts on communal basis? Arguments: Yes. It will check most of the inter-communal biases. No, ours is a secular state.

69734. Statement: Should octroi be abolished? Arguments: Yes. It will eliminate an important source of corruption. No. It will adversely affect government revenues.

69735. Statement: Should public holidays be declared on demise of important national leaders? Arguments: No. Such unscheduled holidays hamper national progress. Yes. People would like to pay their homage to the departed soul.

69736. Statement: Should India support all the international policies of United States of America? Arguments: No. Many other powerful countries do not support the same. Yes. This is the only way to gain access to USA developmental funds.

69737. Statement: Should words like 'Smoking is injurious to health essentially appear on cigarette packs? Arguments: Yes. It is a sort of brainwash to make the smokers realize that they are inhaling poisonous stuff. No. It hampers the enjoyment of smoking.

69738. Statement: Should the council of ministers once appointed be kept the same for the entire period intervening two elections? Arguments: No. Shuffling of ministers and portfolios is a healthy democratic process. Yes. The ministers do not get a hold on their portfolio unless they are kept for a longer duration.

69739. Statement: Should people with educational qualification higher than the optimum requirements be debarred from seeking jobs? Arguments: No. It will further aggravate the problem of educated unemployment. Yes. It creates complexes among employees and affects the work adversely. No. This goes against the basic rights of the individuals.Yes. This will increase productivity.

69740. Statement: Should India go in for computerization in all possible sectors? Arguments: Yes. It will bring efficiency and accuracy in the work. No. It will be an injustice to the monumental human resources which are at present underutilized. No. Computerization demands a lot of money. We should not waste money on it.Yes. When advanced countries are introducing computers in every field, how can India afford to lag behind?

69741. Statement: Should all the school teachers be debarred from giving private tuitions? Arguments: No. The needy students will be deprived of the expertise of these teachers. Yes. This is an injustice to the unemployed educated people who can earn their living by giving tuitions. Yes. Only then the quality of teaching in schools will improve.Yes. Now salary of these teachers is reasonable.

69742. Statement: Should education be made compulsory for all children up to the age of 14? Arguments: Yes. This will help to eradicate the system of forced employment of these children. Yes. This is an effective way to make the entire population educated. No. We do not have adequate infrastructure to educate the entire population.Yes. This would increase the standard of living.

69743. Statement: Should trade unions be banned completely? Arguments: Yes. Workers can concentrate on production. No. This is the only way through which employees can put their demands before the management. Yes. Employees get their illegal demands fulfilled through these unions.No. Trade unions are not banned in other economically advanced countries.

69744. Statement: Should the public sector undertakings be kilo wed to adopt hire and fire policy? Arguments: Yes. This will help the public sector undertakings to get rid of non-performing employees and reward the performing employees. No. This will give an unjust handle to the management and they may use it indiscriminately. Yes. This will help increase the level of efficiency of these organizations and these will become profitable establishments.

69745. Statement: Is caste-based reservation policy in professional colleges justified? Arguments: Yes. The step is a must to bring the underprivileged at par with the privileged ones. No. It obstructs the establishment of a classless society. Yes. This will help the backward castes and classes of people to come out of the oppression of upper caste people.

69746. Statement: Should there be a complete ban on genetically modified imported seeds? Arguments: Yes. This will boost the demand of domestically developed seeds. No. This is the only way to increase production substantially. Yes. Genetically modified products will adversely affect the health of those who consume these products.

69747. Statement: Should the income generated out of agricultural activities be taxed? Arguments: No. Farmers are otherwise suffering from natural calamities and low yield coupled with low procurement price and their income should not be taxed. Yes. Majority of the population is dependent on agriculture and hence their income should be taxed to augment the resources. Yes. Many big farmers earn much more than the majority of the service earners and they should be taxed to remove the disparity.

69748. Statement: Should all the management institutes in the country be brought under government control? Arguments: No. The government does not have adequate resources to run such institutes effectively. No. Each institute should be given freedom to function on its own. Yes. This will enable to have standardized education for all the students.Yes. Only then the quality of education would be improved.

69749. Statement: Should the system of Lok Adalats and mobile courts be encouraged in India? Arguments: Yes. It helps to grant speedy justice to the masses. Yes. The dispensing of minor cases at this level would reduce the burden on the higher courts. No. These courts are usually partial in justice.

69750. Statement: Should India acquire/manufacture the latest nuclear weapons? Arguments: Yes. The enemies of India are improving their weapons continuously and it becomes imperative to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country. No. Instead the money should be diverted to development activities. No. The international community will isolate Indians and this will bring a setback to Indian economy.No. It will be against our policy of maintaining world peace.

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