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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1446

72301. The pressure of fluid due to hammer blow is

72302. A flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path, and the paths of individual particles do not cross each other, is called

72303. A body floating in a liquid is said to be in neutral equilibrium, if its metacentre

72304. One cubic metre of water weighs

72305. Surface tension force is the product of surface tension per unit length and cross-sectional area of flow.

72306. An average value of coefficient of velocity is

72307. The shear stress between the two liquid layers is __________ proportional to the distance between two layers.

72308. The mass per unit volume of a liquid at a standard temperature and pressure is called

72309. The centre of pressure acts __________ the centre of gravity of immersed surface.

72310. A flow through an expanding tube at constant rate is called

72311. When a body is placed over a liquid, it is subjected to gravitational force and upthrust of the liquid.

72312. The velocity of flow is same at all points in the cross-section of a channel.

72313. The length of a liquid stream while flowing over a weir __________ at the ends of the sill.

72314. Select the wrong statement

72315. The velocity through a channel of circular section will be maximum when the depth of water is __________ the diameter of the circular channel.

72316. In a footstep bearing, if the radius of the shaft is doubled, then the torque required to overcome the viscous resistance will be

72317. One litre of water occupies a volume of

72318. The value of bulk modulus of a fluid is required to determine

72319. In a depressed nappe

72320. In one dimensional flow, the flow

72321. The kinematic viscosity is the

72322. Oil of winter green is?

72323. For a Srilankan National the highest Civilian honour is?

72324. The expected out turn of 5 cm Cement concrete flooring per mason per day is

72325. He used to pray everyday, believing that as long as he ......... so, he would be safe.?

72326. Magic Johnson is associated with .........?

72327. The ratio of the volume of charge admitted at N.T.P. to the swept volume of the piston is called

72328. The exhaust valve in a four stroke cycle petrol engine

72329. Nuclear reactors are used

72330. A moderator generally used in nuclear power plants is

72331. The predominent isotope of the naturally occuring element is

72332. The brake power of a diesel engine, keeping other parameters constant, can be increased by

72333. In diesel engines, the fuel is injected in the form of very fine spray, into the engine cylinder, which gets ignited due to high temperature of the compressed air.

72334. Pre-ignition is caused by the spontantaneous combustion of the mixture before the end of the compression stroke, and is due to

72335. The expansion of fuel in a four stroke cycle diesel engine

72336. The object of supercharging the engine is

72337. In open combustion chamber in diesel engines, the shape and layout of the piston crown, the inlet port and the valve produce the turbulent effect of fuel mixture.

72338. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the charge is ignited at

72339. A moderator, in nuclear power plants, is a medium introduced into the fuel mass in order to

72340. Where reactor operation is designed with fast neutrons such as in reactors using highly enriched fuel, the moderator used is

72341. In a diesel engine, the duration between the time of injection and ignition, is known as

72342. The detonating tendency in petrol engines increases with increase of compression ratio.

72343. Each fission of U235 produces on the average __________ fast neutrons as a product of reaction.

72344. Reactors for propulsion applications are designed for

72345. The primary fuel used in nuclear power plants is

72346. In petrol engine, using a fixed octane rating fuel and fixed compression ratio, supercharging will __________ the knocking tendency.

72347. Ordinary water is sometimes used as moderator when enriched uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear power plants.

72348. The compensating jet in a carburettor supplies almost constant amount of petrol at all speeds because the

72349. The effective inhibitor of pre-ignition is

72350. The purpose of testing an internal combustion engine is

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