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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1447

72351. The thermal efficiency of diesel engines is about

72352. A diesel engine has

72353. The self ignition temperature of petrol is __________ as compared to diesel oil.

72354. The pressure inside the cylinder is __________ the atmospheric pressure during the exhaust stroke.

72355. The increase of cooling water temperature in petrol engine will __________ the knocking tendency.

72356. A carburettor is used to supply

72357. U233 is produced

72358. The pressure at the end of compression, in diesel engines, is approximately

72359. The detonation is also called knocking or pinking.

72360. The pre-ignition occurs before the spark is produced whereas detonation develops after the introduction of spark.

72361. The energy released during the fission of one atom of Uranium - 235 in million electron volts is about

72362. Morse test can be conducted for

72363. The basic requirement of a good combustion chamber is

72364. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the charge is compressed when both the valves (i.e. inlet valve and exit valve) are closed,

72365. The thermal efficiency of diesel engines on weak mixtures is

72366. The injection pressure in a diesel engine is about

72367. High speed compression engines operate on

72368. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the inlet valve

72369. The nuclear power station at Tarapur has the reactor of the __________ type.

72370. In nuclear power plants, due to reflector, less fuel is needed to generate sufficient neutrons to sustain a chain reaction.

72371. The secondary fuel used in nuclear power plants is

72372. When was Kerala Sports Council instituted?

72373. Theoretically, a four stroke cycle engine should develop __________ power as that of a two stroke cycle engine.

72374. Light weight substances can not be effective moderators.

72375. The higher combustion chamber wall temperature in compression ignition engines will __________ knocking tendency.

72376. The nuclear radiators produced in a reactor which must be sheilded are

72377. A two stroke cycle engine gives __________ mechanical efficiency than a four stroke cycle engine.

72378. The delay period in compression ignition engines depends upon

72379. Lubrication in I.C. engines dissipates the heat generated from the moving parts due to friction.

72380. The ratio of the heat equivalent to one kW hour to the heat in fuel per B.P. hour is termed as brake thermal efficiency.

72381. The theoretically correct mixture of air and petrol is

72382. In qualitative governing, the quantity of fuel is varied to suit the load on the engine and the total charge of air is altered.

72383. The function of a distributor in a coil ignition system of I.C. engines is

72384. A moderator, apart from its high neutron slowing power, and low non-productive neutron, should be

72385. The frictional power (F.P.) is given by

72386. The unit million electron volts (Mev) is commonly used to measure the nuclear energy.

72387. The knocking tendency in spark ignition engines can be decreased by adding dopes like tetra ethyle lead and ethylene dibromide.

72388. The term glasnost was associated with?

72389. A diesel engine has compression ratio from

72390. A petrol engine, during suction stroke draws

72391. A supercharged engine as compared to an ordinary engine

72392. Which of the following does not relate to a compression ignition engine?

72393. Which of the following statement is correct regarding petrol engines?

72394. Supercharging __________ the power developed by the engine.

72395. Uranium has isotopes

72396. The colour of exhaust from diesel engine is generally

72397. In compression ignition engines, swirl denotes a

72398. A mixture containing 65% of iso-octane and 35% of normal heptane will have

72399. The first satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cause of indigo farmers was observed at?

72400. The maximum propulsive efficiency of a turbo-jet engine is at a speed of

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