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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 145

7251. Cholesterolemia means

7252. Fatty acids break down of eukaryotes occurs in

7253. VLDLs are synthesized in

7254. Chylomicrons are synthesized in

7255. How many types of lipoproteins are there?

7256. Fatty acid synthesis takes place in

7257. Cholestrol is the precursor of

7258. Atherosclerosis can cause blood

7259. Palmitate has 16 carbon atoms with

7260. How many ATPs are formed during complete oxidation of palmitate?

7261. The lowest energy value lipid for human nutrition is

7262. How many classes of steroid hormones are there?

7263. The number of water molecules consumed by the formation of phosphatidyl serine are

7264. Synthesis of fatty acid takes place when

7265. Which of the following is called milk ejection hormone?

7266. The key enzyme in the regulation of fatty acid synthesis is

7267. Arachidonate has 20 carbon atoms with

7268. In the intestine, the dietary fats are hydrolysed by

7269. HDLs are synthesized in

7270. Triacylglycerols are

7271. Which of the following date format is used to display day names as Sunday, Monday ......... etc?

7272. Which is a disease spread by house flies?

7273. Who interpreted the Malbar Rebellion of 1921 as “the latest phase of the agrarian trouble in India” through his book ‘India in Transition’ ?

7274. Who was the second Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission?

7275. Father of Indian Library Science:

7276. In Fluid mosaic model, the biological membrane can be viewed as

7277. Membrane lipids are

7278. Pinocytosis occurs in

7279. Exocytosis is the secretion of proteins

7280. The membrane proteins that catalyze active transport reactions differ from soluble enzymes as

7281. The movement of molecules across a membrane by passive transport does not require

7282. Peptidoglycan is a complex consisting of

7283. The mesosomes may be the sites of

7284. The title ‘Vikramaditya’ was adopted by:

7285. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) is the site of

7286. Lysozymes are found in

7287. Biological membranes are like water beds because

7288. The plasma membrane is a selectively permeable barrier due to presence of specific transport

7289. Which type of molecule spans the membrane, from its inner to outer surface according to the Fluid mosaic model of cell membranes?

7290. The editor of Rasikaranjini

7291. In membranes, lipids are

7292. Which of the following is not found in membranes?

7293. Cholesterol is somewhat amphipathic due to

7294. Bacteriorhodopsin

7295. In active transport, the membrane structure that functions is

7296. Cholesterol is essential for normal membrane functions because it

7297. The model that is now known to be correct for the structure of biological membrane is

7298. Multi-national means:

7299. The acid present in vinegar is:

7300. Kadathanattu Madhavi Amma was the editor of:

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