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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 146

7301. The author of India’s National Song is:

7302. Which among the following in India was the first winner of Nobel prize in Physics?

7303. Which of the following carbohydrate is effective in promoting the calcium absorption?

7304. What condition is caused by iodine deficiency during pregnancy and is characterized by stunted growth, deafness, and mental retardation?

7305. Iodine is a part of thyroid hormone and is essential for the prevention of

7306. What transports copper from the intestinal cells to the liver?

7307. Which group is most often affected with copper deficiency?

7308. What is the main source of natural fluoride?

7309. Which of the following mineral is involved in the enzyme -controlled energy yielding reactions of metabolism?

7310. The mineral which aids in the utilization of iron and in hemoglobin synthesis is

7311. The mineral which is considered important in maintaining electrical potential in nerves and membranes is

7312. Wilson's disease is an example of __________ and Menkes' syndrome is an example of __________ .

7313. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is known as:

7314. Which of the following is required as a component of blood hemoglobin?

7315. Adding __________ to a breakfast of cereal will help your body absorb iron.

7316. Which of the following ion is required for the development of sound teeth with resistance to tooth decay?

7317. Which of the following two beverages contribute 20 to 30 percent of our daily manganese intake?

7318. An endemic disease of cardiomyopathy in children is attributed to

7319. Who was the leader of 1857 revolt in Baraut Pargana in Uttar Pradesh?

7320. Which of the following is necessary for the clotting of blood, functions of certain enzymes and control of fluids through cell membranes?

7321. Selenium deficiency leads to

7322. Manganese is a key component of all of the following enzymes except

7323. Which of the following vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract?

7324. Which trace mineral is a component of the enzyme that activates vitamin A in the eye?

7325. Chronic consumption of excess selenium can lead to

7326. Normal glucose metabolism requires

7327. Manganese is needed for

7328. Which of the following mineral is involved in protein metabolism and oxidation reactions?

7329. Which of the following mineral deficiency may result into impaired growth and development, skin lesions and loss of appetite?

7330. Which of the following is not a function of iron?

7331. Consumption of which nutrient leads to the multiplication of oral bacteria?

7332. Examples of goitrogenic foods are __________ and __________ .

7333. The first space vehicle launched by Russia was the ————

7334. Ashoka had a number of high officials, the most important were

7335. The first to invade India during the pre-christian era were the

7336. The Indian Constitution has borrowed the ideas of preamble from the :

7337. Which freedom fighter wrote poems and ghazals with the pen-name of "Warsi" and "Hasrat"?

7338. Which of the following amino acid do not fall under the category of essential amino acid?

7339. Urea cycle converts

7340. The inputs to one cycle of the urea cycle are

7341. How many molecules of ATP are hydrolysed to form two molecule of ammonia?

7342. The nitrogen atoms of urea produced in the urea cycle are derived from

7343. The products of urea cycle are

7344. Nitrate reduction can be carried out by

7345. Which of the following is used as carbon atom source while producing urea in the urea cycle?

7346. The structure of DNA was discovered by:?

7347. The scientist who originally put forward the hypothesis which states that the continents have moved relative to each other across the surface of the earth is:

7348. The most important raw material for generation of power in India:

7349. Most chemically active element

7350. The first native state to introduce military training on the European model was

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