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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1488

74401. The equivalent length, of a given column with given end conditions, is the length of an equivalent column of the same material and cross-section with hinged ends, and having the value of crippling load equal to that of the given column.

74402. Within elastic limit, shear stress is __________ shear strain.

74403. Modular ratio of the two materials is the ratio of

74404. The hoop stress in a thick cylindrical shell is maximum at the inner radius.

74405. The bending moment at the free end of a cantilever beam is

74406. If there is a fall in the temperature of a composite body, then a member having greater coefficient of linear expansion will be subjected to compressive stress.

74407. The lower layer of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be

74408. In a beam of uniform strength, the bending stress developed is constant and is equal to the allowable stress at every section of the beam.

74409. The bending moment of a cantilever beam of length l and carrying a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length is __________ at the fixed end.

74410. Two shafts 'A' and 'B' are made of same material. The shaft 'A' is of diameter D and shaft 'B' is of diameter D/2. The strength of shaft 'B' is __________ as that of shaft 'A'

74411. A body is subjected to a direct tensile stress (σ) in one plane. The shear stress is maximum at a section inclined at __________ to the normal of the section.

74412. The bending moment on a section is maximum where shear force is

74413. The springs in cars are used to store strain energy.

74414. In a stress-strain diagram for mild steel, as shown in the below figure, the point A represents

74415. In CPU, C stands for?

74416. The unit of Young's modulus is same as that of stress.

74417. In the below figure, the point B represents upper yield point.

74418. The tensile test is carried on __________ materials.

74419. If percentage elongation of a certain specimen made of a material 'A' under tensile test is 30% and the percentage elongation of a specimen with same dimensions made of another material 'B' is 40%, then material 'B' is more ductile than material 'A'.

74420. A fixed beam is one which is fixed at __________ of its ends.

74421. Factor of safety is defined as the ratio of

74422. The value of equivalent length is taken to be half of the actual length of a column with one end fixed and the other end free.

74423. The shear force diagram of a cantilever beam of length l and carrying a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length will be

74424. Whenever some external system of forces acts on a body, it undergoes some deformation. As the body undergoes some deformation, it sets up some resistance to the deformation. This resistance per unit area to deformation, is called

74425. Most of the houses in this street ......... new.?

74426. Two solid shafts 'A' and 'B' are made of the same material. The shaft 'A' is of 50 mm diameter and shaft 'B' is of 100 mm diameter. The strength of shaft 'B' is __________ as that of shaft A.

74427. In calculating the strength of a riveted joint in tearing, shearing and crushing, the

74428. The strain energy stored in a hollow circular shaft of outer diameter (D) and inner diameter (d) subjected to shear stress is

74429. Fatigue test is carried out for

74430. The section modulus (Z) of a beam is given by

74431. Every direct stress is always accompanied by a strain in its own direction and an opposite kind of strain in every direction, at right angles to it. Such a strain is known as

74432. The shear force of a cantilever beam of length l and carrying a gradually varying load from zero at the free end and w per unit length at the fixed end is __________ at the fixed end.

74433. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum tensile stress is developed on the

74434. The compressive strength of brittle materials is __________ its tensile strength.

74435. Which of the following is a flightless bird?

74436. In spring balances, the spring is used

74437. According to Euler's column theory, the crippling load of a column is given by p = π2 EI/Cl2. In the Euler's formula, the value of C for a column with both ends fixed is 4.

74438. The torsional rigidity of a shaft is expressed by the torque required to produce a twist of one radian per unit length of a shaft.

74439. Who is the first cueist to won the Asian Billiards Title three times in a row?

74440. The stress developed in the material without any permanent set is called

74441. For riveting, the size of hole drilled in plates is __________ shank diameter of rivet.

74442. When a bar is subjected to a change of temperature and its deformation is prevented, the stress induced in the bar is

74443. For a given stress, the ratio of moment of resistance of a beam of square cross-section when placed with its two sides horizontal to the moment of resistance with its diagonal horizontal, is

74444. The Young's modulus of a material is 125 GPa and Poissons ratio is 0.25. The modulus of rigidity of me material is

74445. The layer at the centre of gravity of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be

74446. If the modulus of elasticity for a given material is twice its modulus of rigidity, then bulk modulus is equal to

74447. A simply supported beam 'A' of length l, breadth b and depth d carries a central point load W. Another bream 'B' has the same length and breadth but its depth is doubled. The deflection of beam 'B' will be double as compared to beam 'A'.

74448. The centre to centre distance, between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called

74449. The buckling load for a given column depends upon

74450. A continuous beam is one which is

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