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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1546

77301. Which of the termination codon is called amber?

77302. Which binding is inhibited by pactamycin?

77303. Which of the following act as the blueprint or template for the process of protein synthesis that takes place on ribosomes?

77304. Negative regulation of protein synthesis is accomplished by

77305. Site in the ribosome from which the tRNA donates amino acids to the growing polypeptide chain is

77306. When was the genetic code completed?

77307. Name the event which is related to Savarna Jatha

77308. What is the name of spice which is called as ‘Yavanapriya’?

77309. Who was the Viceroy of India during the time of Round Table Conferences?

77310. The first person who offer Individual Satyagraha in Indian Freedom Movement?

77311. In which Year Historic Lahore session of Indian National Congress held?

77312. Acute diarrhoeal disease resembling cholera can be caused due to

77313. The transport medium for Vibrio cholerae can be

77314. Which of the following does not cause wound infection following exposure to sea water or infected shellfish?

77315. The test(s) used for the assay of cholera toxin is/are

77316. The DNA coding for the production of cholera toxin in Vibrio cholerae is on the

77317. The halophilic bacteria is/are

77318. Which of the following toxin resembles cholera toxin?

77319. Which of the following medium are used to differentiate the colonies of Vibrio cholerae and V parahaemolyticus?

77320. Which of the followings can be used to differentiate between classical and El Tor biotypes of Vibrio cholerae?

77321. Which of the following biotypes of Vibrio cholerae are prevalent in India?

77322. Which of the following bacteria is associated with food poisoning due to consumption of sea fish?

77323. Which of the following conditions can be caused by Plesiomonas?

77324. Which is the Name of Commission sent to India to enquire about the work of Govt.of India Act of 1919?

77325. Which is the birth place of Markuriakose Elias Chavara?

77326. Pattanam was situated in the banks of river---------

77327. The Yarkungzangbo river in India is known as----------

77328. The Power to Prorogue the Lok Sabha rests with---------

77329. When a virus enters a cell but does not replicate immediately, the situation is called

77330. Usually viruses are separated into several large groups based primarily on

77331. The first step in infection of a host bacterial cells by a phage is

77332. Which of the following viruses has not been associated with human cancer?

77333. The viral nucleocapsid is the combination of

77334. Edward Jenner began inoculating humans with material from __________ lesions.

77335. The viruses in an attenuated vaccine

77336. Enveloped viruses have a __________ shape.

77337. The envelope of which of the following viruses is derived from the host cell nucleus?

77338. Which of the following is semi-continuous (diploid) cell line?

77339. Plant viruses may be cultivated in

77340. The oncogene theory refers to

77341. In cell culture, measles virus may lead to

77342. A change from lysogeny to lysis is generally induced by

77343. The viral DNA is removed from the host's chromosomes and the lytic cycle occurs. The process is called

77344. The lysogenic state is governed by the activity of the regulatory region of the lambda phage genomes; this region is termed as

77345. The capsomeres consist of a number of proteins subunits or molecules called

77346. In order for a virus to replicate

77347. Which of the following viruses belong to family Flaviviridae?

77348. Which of the following viruses show/s transformation of infected cells?

77349. Which of the following may affect proteins and nucleic acids, but not viruses?

77350. The viral DNA of the temperate phage, instead of taking over the functions of the cell's genes, is incorporated into the host DNA and becomes a prophage in the bacterial chromosome, acting as a gene. This happens in

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