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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1547

77351. Which of the following statements is not true of viruses?

77352. Which of the following viruses belong/s to family caliciviridae?

77353. In the simplest capsid, there is a capsomere at each of the 12 vertices; this capsomere, which is surrounded by five other capsomeres, is termed a

77354. The size of viruses is usually measured in

77355. The temperate phage that have no site specificity for insertion and may even be able to insert multiple copies of their DNA into a single bacterial chromosome is

77356. Enzyme neuraminidase is carried by which of the following viruses?

77357. Lysozyme (an endolysin) which will lyse the bacterial cell, releasing the mature virions is present in

77358. Which of the following is continuous cell line?

77359. The repressor protein, since the cell is resistant to lysis from externally infecting phage, is also called

77360. Which of the following virus is susceptible to chloroform?

77361. Group E phages have

77362. The temperate phage possesses a gene that codes for a repressor protein which makes the cell resistant to lysis initiated by

77363. The bacterial viruses having head made up of large capsomeres, but no tail is morphologically classified as

77364. The most complex type of bacterial viruses having hexagonal head, a rigid tail with a contractile sheath and tall fibers is morphologically classified as

77365. Which of the following is not true of virions?

77366. Bacteriophages have been used widely in genetic research, since they are the smallest and simplest biological entities capable of

77367. Lesions on chorioallantoic membrane are produced by

77368. Which one is not useful in the treatment of viruses except

77369. The infected cells continue to reproduce themselves as well as the virus, and the mature virions are extruded from the cell surface continuously over a long period of time. This type of release mechanism is called a

77370. What kind of embryo is often used for viral assays?

77371. The envelope of an enveloped virus is derived from

77372. The most popular indirect method of counting virus particles is by

77373. Which of the following viruses belong to family Hepadnaviridae?

77374. Inclusion bodies of measles virus are

77375. The most efficient way to enclose a space is within a/an

77376. Which of the following is an example of rod-shaped viruses having their capsomeres arranged helically and not in the stacked ring?

77377. During the first 10 minutes after injection of phage DNA, no phage can be recovered by disrupting the infected bacterium. This is termed as

77378. The function of a viral capsid is

77379. Which of the following oncogenic viruses was first detected?

77380. The yield of phage per bacterium is called the

77381. Which of the following viruses are relatively thermostable?

77382. The time from infection until lysis is called as

77383. Virus reproduces in living cells by

77384. Which of the following virus is enveloped?

77385. Which of the following viruses can rescue adenovirus in simian cells?

77386. The phage components begin to assemble into mature phages only after the synthesis of

77387. Which of the following bacteriophage is said to have banal symmetry?

77388. Who is the Founder of Samatwa Samaj?

77389. Which of the following are obligate intracellular parasites?

77390. Viruses can be purified based on their size and density by using

77391. The extracellular phage number increases until a constant titer at the end of the multiplication cycle. This time interval is termed as

77392. Which of the following disinfectant is effective against viruses?

77393. Viruses largely lack metabolic machinery of their own to generate energy or to synthesize

77394. Viruses require __________ for growth.

77395. Reverse transcriptase is a useful enzyme to have when

77396. The sequence of nucleic acid in a variety of viruses and viral host, will find more similarities

77397. The Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi:

77398. Repulsion motor is provided with:

77399. Whenever a poly phase motor is loaded the:

77400. For three resistance are connected in three phase,the power consumed will be more??-------connection

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