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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1557

77851. Language in which maximum number of Newspapers are published?

77852. French official book:

77853. The author of “Truth,Love and a Little Malice”:

77854. Who was the founder of Scientific Astronomy?

77855. Who propounded the signs of the Zodiac?

77856. A social Reformer of Kerala who started Atmavidhya Sangham was:

77857. ”The Career and legend of Vasco da Gama”is a book written by:

77858. Who among the foreign travellers made earliest reference regarding Kerala?

77859. The Newspaper “Sujananadini”was started by:

77860. Under 42nd amendment to our constitution the fundamental duties were enumerateThis concept of fundamental duties was borrowed from the constitution of:

77861. The Rajya Sabha is a ------------body.

77862. Article 368 deals with:

77863. ”Neel Darpan”is a play which portrays the oppression meted out by the indigo planters over the peasants.This famous Play was written by whom?

77864. Which of the following is one of the Harappan sites related to the maritime activities of the Harappan people?

77865. The cold current which meets with the warm gulf stream near Newfoundland?

77866. ------links computers within a limited geographical area

77867. --------------offer a quick and easy way to share files and resources directly

77868. Given a 2”x4” photograph and a 4”x8” layout space,what scale percentage is needed to fit the photograph?

77869. Which is NOT a form of printing processes?

77870. What type of printing is done when using CMYK?

77871. You can import a text file into QuarkXpress from:

77872. All the commands and functions in QuarkXPress are available:

77873. Leading is:

77874. In QuarkXPress,Master Page A is created:

77875. --------------are non printing guides pulled down and across from the horizontal and vertical rulers

77876. --------------is the point on the ruler where the horizontal and vertical rulers intersect.

77877. ---------is a measure of how close together the lines in a halftone grid are in the printing process

77878. -----------is the term used as a measure of how well one ink printed on top of another

77879. A file that is saved so it cannot be modified is called?

77880. Adding or deleting space between character pairs is called

77881. The painting option in photoshop which determines the degree by which the tools lighten or darken an image is:

77882. Bitmap images are made of:

77883. Raster images are also known as:

77884. All the commands and functions in QuarkExpress are available:

77885. Which of the following programs is not a popular desktop publishing program?

77886. To align a column of text evenly on both the right and left margins throughout the column,use:

77887. It is useful for removing an unwanted portion of or a defect in your image in Photoshop:

77888. Screen printing involves taking images and breaking them down to simple colors,so-----------methods is better to create images.

77889. Each pixel in digital image is assigned a tonal value(black,white,shades of gray or color),which is represented in:

77890. Distort is a –in Photoshop.

77891. The feature in Corel Draw which gives objects a 3D look by creating the illusion of depth is:

77892. The proprietary technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects

77893. Files in the Corel Draw are saved with extension:

77894. In Corel Draw,the view which displays the drawing in a skeletal form is:

77895. The knife tool of CorelDraw is used to--------objects.

77896. ----------masks don’t support transparency,so their edges can’t be feathered

77897. How to remove all character formats of the selected text in MS word?

77898. ----------key is used to full screen preview option in CorelDraw

77899. A Photoshop layer converts a vector layer to pixels by:

77900. In Corel Draw,which dialog tool can be used to fill an object with pre-definedesigns and textures?

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