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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1558

77901. JPEG stands for:

77902. What type of printing uses a plastic or rubber carrier?

77903. Which of the following is not a toning tool?

77904. CorelDraw has a built-in windows based program that lists all the possible synonym of a word:

77905. The artistic media tool in the spray mode lets us fill creates strokes of different kinds of patterns:

77906. The command that allows us to select similarly coloured adjacent areas is:

77907. The print option which ignores all imported graphics,and prints rectangle with X marks in their place fastly is:

77908. The HSB mode in Photoshop comprises the components:

77909. What are the three basic shapes?

77910. Which file format is for Photoshop?

77911. Which device is used as the standard pointing device in a Graphical User Environment?

77912. Which technology is used in Compact disks?

77913. Operating system comes under:

77914. -----is a hardware or peripheral device used to send data to a computer.

77915. The memory which is known as a volatile memory is:

77916. OCR stands for:

77917. In windows which key should be pressed while selecting a group of adjacent files or folders

77918. -----allows users to view and manipulate basic system settings and changing accessibility options.

77919. ----------is an example of softcopy

77920. Processing speed in computers is measured in:

77921. To copy the formatting of a selection to a specific location,the shortcut key is:

77922. From which menu you can create Header and Footer?

77923. The default lines to drop for drop cap is:

77924. Sushil Kumar who won a Gold Medal at an International event is a famous .........?

77925. Which feature do you use to create Newspaper?

77926. Master key of the keyboard:

77927. When the typewriter is at rest,the following catches the teeth of escapement wheel:

77928. The capital letter generally used to represent 500:

77929. Find out the odd one from the following:

77930. Which part protect the paper from getting contact with the oily parts behind?

77931. Space Bar is pressed by:

77932. ’DTP’computer abbreviation usually means:

77933. Silencer is provided in a typewriter to control the movement of the:

77934. Name the item required for oiling and cleaning of Typewriters

77935. When the space bar is pressed,the carriage moves towards left:

77936. The sound heard uniform typing is called:

77937. Home keys are provided in:

77938. Complementary clause in an official letter is:

77939. Cleaning of a typewriter must be done:

77940. We can send the same letter to many different people using

77941. By default organization chart window displays size of:

77942. William Hentry Mill invented typewriter in the year of:

77943. Find the minimum number of straight lines required to make the given figure.

77944. Find the number of triangles in the given figure.

77945. Select the correct form:

77946. How many dead keys are provided in Malayalam type writer?

77947. Which is not related to MS Office?

77948. The world’s first Salt-tolerant Plant Garden is located at:

77949. Which among the following countries launched World’s longest Super-Secure Quantum Communication Line?

77950. The Golden Peacock Award 2016 for Corporate Governance was awarded to:

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