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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1574

78701. Data accessing time from a disk depends on:

78702. Bluetooth operation in the range:

78703. Full form of WiFi:

78704. Mark Zuckerberg is related to:

78705. Original UNIX was developed by

78706. DOS command ping is used:

78707. A collection of computers which seems to be single system for the users:

78708. A communication channel is shared by all the machines in the network in:

78709. Topology in which a central computer surrounded by one or more computers is called:

78710. Weakening of signal power as light travels down in fiber optic cable is called as:

78711. Laser printer is:

78712. Constant refreshing of cells are needed in:

78713. Which of the following bidirectional?

78714. RS 232 is a standard applied to:

78715. Knowledge base is related to

78716. ---------defines a common logical format for files and directories of data disk.

78717. The basic architecture of computer was developed by:

78718. Which of the following is first Intel processor?

78719. When was the first email send?

78720. Memory which is programmed at manufacturing time only:

78721. Memory in which data accessing has to follow a sequence:

78722. Bihu dance is the popular folk dance of:

78723. Specialization in treatment of disease in children?

78724. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by:

78725. The river Godavari,the longest river among the peninsular rivers originates in:

78726. The winds blowing from the subtropical high pressure belts to the equatorial low pressure belts?

78727. Head quarters of the United Nations Educational,scientific and cultural organization?

78728. Who is the Home Minister of Kerala State?

78729. Which is the South Indian ancient dynasty famous for its village administration?

78730. The English Naturalist who presented the hypothesis of evolution as a theory?

78731. Awami League Secured majority in the parliamentary election held in

78732. What is the name of Militia organized by Nazis in Germany?

78733. One of the following is not the member of State Re organization commission,Who is he?

78734. Iron and Steel industries were started at Rourkela with the aid of:

78735. Which organization was started by Acharya Vinoba Bhave?

78736. Which is the oldest university in Kerala?

78737. Who gave leadership to the movement to put an end to the movement to put an end to the disabilities of the Channar community?

78738. Who published “Al Islam”Arabic Malayalam monthly?

78739. Shivaji was assisted in administration by:

78740. Who wrote Arthasastra,the book enumerates a full fledged definition of state?

78741. Indian observes National Integration Day on:

78742. Who wrote’Keralam Malayalikalude Mathrubhoomi?

78743. Which of the following agitations started for freedom of travelling?

78744. ’Aruvippuram Prathishta’ of Sri Narayana Guru was in:

78745. Who is known as ‘Sarhaddi Gandhi’?

78746. The founder of self respect movement:

78747. ’Daivadasakam’is the literary contribution of:

78748. Which among the following commission is set up by the government of India to form linguistic states in 1953?

78749. Lord Hardinge cancelled the partition of Bengal in:

78750. ’India Wins Freedom’ is the work of:

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