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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 159

7951. Which of the following statements best describes a clone?

7952. In transgenic fish, the genes are introduced by

7953. Production of transgenic animals require transfections of

7954. I’am afraid he’s .................. stupid, and won’t understand what you mean

7955. Which of the following gene have been introduced into the transgenic fish?

7956. Cloning is a method by which numbers of genetically identical organisms are derived from a single organism by

7957. Which of the following is/are the method of transfection for making transgenic animals?

7958. DNA microinjection into the egg has been used to produce which of the following transgenic animals?

7959. Transgenic goats produce a variant of human tissue type plasminogen activator protein in

7960. For the rapid genetic progress, embryo transfer (ET)

7961. Enucleation of the cells can be achieved by treating the cells with

7962. When the cells are enucleated and centrifuged, nuclei

7963. Superovulation is an

7964. Which of the following best describes artificial insemination?

7965. Which part of a cell carries the information that is passed from one generation to the next?

7966. DNA is microinfected into the fertilized egg

7967. In which year, Dolly the first mammalian clone was born?

7968. Which of the following statements is false?

7969. Embryo transfer (ET) refers to the technique by which fertilized ova are collected from the reproductive tract of a genetically

7970. The number of follicles at any particular stage is governed by

7971. The nucleous of mature unfertilized ovum may be removed by

7972. Karyoplast is

7973. The success of embryo transplantation depends upon the ability to obtain an increased number of embryos from animals of superior genetic merit, which can be achieved by the use of

7974. Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET)

7975. The technique, mainly used for the diagnosing birth defects in the fetus by means of needle, is called

7976. Which of these established cell lines originate from a mouse embryo?

7977. Some types of variation are due to changes in the genetic material. What is this type of change called?

7978. Which of the following is the process of choosing parent organisms for the characteristics that is wanted in their offspring?

7979. Which protein has been produced generating a transgenic sheep that is used for replacement therapy for individuals at risk from emphysema?

7980. Which of the following is the word used to describe what happens when the nucleus of a sperm joins with the nucleus of an egg cell?

7981. DNA into fish is injected into

7982. Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator .......... going to have to make a decision.

7983. The lift has.............

7984. 2010 ലെ മാൻ ബുക്കർ പ്രൈസ് നേടിയത് ‌ആര് ? [2010 le maan bukkar prysu nediyathu aaru ? ]

7985. I asked the porter where ...............

7986. Would you mind________ to him

7987. When dissolved oxygen is lower than the critical concentration, viable cell concentration declines because of

7988. According to Eagle, the growth of L-strain and Hela-strain cultures require to have mandatory presence of

7989. Excess CO2 suppress cell growth and productivity by

7990. Give the synonyms PROFUSE

7991. What is the effect of excess accumulation of metabolite products (lactate and ammonium) on cells?

7992. What is the concentration of CO2 required for culturing animal cells?

7993. ഇന്ത്യയില് ‍ ഗാന്ധാര കലാരൂപത്തിന് തുടക്കമിട്ടത് [Inthyayilu ‍ gaandhaara kalaaroopatthinu thudakkamittathu]

7994. Which of the followings are the metabolic products of glucose and glutamine?

7995. To prevent the accumulation of lactate

7996. What are the main constituents of culture for animal cell growth?

7997. During the growth of animal cells in culture, it is noticed that the cells do not look very healthy. After an investigation, this is found that there is a lot of lactic acid in the culture fluid. What is probably wrong with this culture?

7998. Range of optimum glutamine concentration present in the culture media is

7999. The human fibroplast is a classical example of

8000. pH of culture medium is initially controlled by

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