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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1609

80451. Which country is known as ‘Emerald Island’?

80452. Who is the writer of the book ‘General Chathans?

80453. The first to introduce the idea of Republic?

80454. Fill up the blanks using suitable choices: The question has been ......... discussed .?

80455. Protein is highest in:?

80456. To encourage British investments in India, Dalhousie?

80457. The signal that a computer is waiting for a command from the user?

80458. n which of the sessions, Home Rule Leaguers were able of demonstrate their political strength?

80459. The first no confidence motion was moved in the Lok Sabha after independence was in the year?

80460. Which is the ore of aluminium?

80461. Family planning was started in India?

80462. The “Region of Terror” is associated with what country?

80463. The Rajput States sacrificed their indepdence in the 19th century and accepted British Paramountcy. Who was the Governor - General of India during this period.?

80464. Where is the headquarters of CAPART (council for advancedment of peoples Action and Rural Technology)?

80465. Provide prepositions: The manager was approved ......... my plan .?

80466. The oldest capital city in the world?

80467. National income has reference to which year?

80468. The first indigenously built air-to-air missile of India?

80469. Which of the following Article (Right) is available against private individuals also?

80470. Tenure of Chairman and members of UPSC is?

80471. Reaction of alcohol with a arboxylic acid is known as?

80472. ‘Sand Iron’ is related with which game?

80473. Use the correct tense forms. He ......... very quickly when I met him yesterday.?

80474. Disease caused by virus?

80475. Hearing his mother's illness, he at once started ......... Kanpur.?

80476. Nitrogen fixation is done by?

80477. Five poles are standing in a row. M is on the left of N. Q is on the right of P, which is on the right of N. If L is on the left of M, Which pole is in the centre?

80478. The high -temperature superconductors are?

80479. The minimum age for the membership of the Legislative Council is?

80480. The term “extra cover” is associated with:?

80481. Janmi Kudiyan Proclamation was made in which year?

80482. Why did Pakistan leave the Commonwealth in 1971?

80483. Pick up from the answer choices one which complete the sentence correctly: Tomorrow is a holiday,.........?

80484. When was ‘Film Fare’ come to being?

80485. You should bring your hall ticket with you to the examination hall ......... you will not be allowed to enter the hall .?

80486. Mandal Commission report pertains to?

80487. Next to Hindi, the language spoken by the largest number of people in India?

80488. Who among the following does not hold his/her office at the pleasure of the President?

80489. .........is the first program run on a computer when the computer boots up?

80490. In which princely state India launched operation polo to accede it to Indian Union?

80491. There are ......... interesting poems in this collection .?

80492. Who among the following is the first winner of ‘Vallathol Puraskaram’?

80493. Who is the writer of Manusmriti?

80494. The famous epic Mahabharata was written by?

80495. All men ......... equal in the eyes of God.?

80496. Who is considered as the father of Alexander the Great?

80497. Who is known as the Morning Star of Modern Social reform movement in India?

80498. Cyclotron was devised by?

80499. Cochlea present in?

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