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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1610

80501. An instrument used to determine radio activity?

80502. Which is the oldest High Court in India?

80503. Vasco-Da Gama returned to Lisbon in ..........?

80504. The green ring represents which continent?

80505. Rewrite as directed:He is very strong. He can lift the trunk. (Use “enough”)?

80506. Who is the author of Ramacharithamanasa?

80507. Matricide means:?

80508. Central Food Technological Research Institute is situated at?

80509. The first Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

80510. Which one of the following International organisation does India disapprove?

80511. Who was the author of Parankippadayale?

80512. Fill up the blanks with suitable alternative: If you had helped him, he ......... his work.?

80513. Nomadic man started settling in?

80514. ‘Bilathi Viseshangal’ is a book written by?

80515. Father of Medicine?

80516. Wood is the common name for?

80517. Unit of luminous intensit?

80518. In which place was World women’s Chess championship held?

80519. Study of nutrition is called?

80520. World AIDS day is observed on?

80521. The first DNA bank in Asia has been established at?

80522. The largest river of peninsular India?

80523. Herbicides are used for the elimination of?

80524. Speed of light is maximum in?

80525. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: Milk is good ......... drink.?

80526. The largest planet in the solar system is .........?

80527. It ......... raining for three days here .?

80528. Who among the following saints wrote ‘Bijak’?

80529. Which day is celebrated as the World Music day?

80530. ‘Bonsai’ System orignated in?

80531. Name a dehiscent fruit?

80532. The exchange of gases in mammals take place in the?

80533. Watt-hour meter measures?

80534. Which film won the Golden Globe award in 41th International Film Festival?

80535. Bougainvillea plants have attractive colours at their leaves. These represent the development of?

80536. Who invented the Commonwealth Games?

80537. Respiratory organs of Cocorach?

80538. The battle of venni was won by?

80539. The work was done ......... haste.?

80540. The only state having constitution of its own is?

80541. Which of the following country’s civilization has contributed the ‘Parthinon temple’?

80542. The unity negative feedback system with GH(S)=(10s+1)/(s2+8as+4k)Oscillates at 2rad/s only when

80543. The steady error of a negative feedback system with forward path gain function G(S)=3/S+5 And feedback path gain function H(S)=5/S+1 for a unit step input is given by:

80544. The South Indian State with the largest forest area?

80545. The first Woman IPS Officer in India:?

80546. Which period is referred to as the period of Hindu revival or renaissance?

80547. I agree ......... your proposal.?

80548. Hallucination can be caused by?

80549. Bunchy top disease of papaya is caused by?

80550. The ‘project tiger’ to protect and promote tiger population was launched in the year?

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