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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1612

80601. Which of the following is a seven bit code?

80602. In Windows operating system,presentation slides are designed using:

80603. Which of the following is an optical storage device

80604. In ISO-OSI network architecture,routing is performed by:

80605. Elements stored in an array are accessed by using their:

80606. An expression which always give a True/False Value is:

80607. Group of logically related data items is called:

80608. The Error in a program which can be detected at the time of compilation is

80609. Hard disk of a computer can be used as:

80610. Which of the following is not true about a laser printer?

80611. BIOS software is stored in:

80612. One GB is equal to

80613. Which of the following is an application software?

80614. Hackers gaining access to a computer through a network are prevented using:

80615. In a spread sheet,cell address is formed by:

80616. In a program flow chart,parallelogram is used to indicate:

80617. To open an action by using mouse:

80618. Which of the following term is not related with a computer monitor?

80619. Power On Self Test(POST)is performed by:

80620. The network device used to connect multiple computers in a network is:

80621. Internet is an example for:

80622. Which of the following is not a web browser?

80623. An IP address has:

80624. In HTML,closing tags are preceded by:

80625. A 24x CD-ROM has a transfer rate of:

80626. The size of a monitor is its:

80627. Recursion means:

80628. In communication,duplex means data transmitted in:

80629. The capacity of main memory which can be accessed by CPU is determined by:

80630. Parity bits is added for:

80631. Once programmed,the data or instructions cannot be changed in:

80632. Variable which stores the address of f a memory location is:

80633. The HTML tag used for hyper linking is:

80634. PHP is a:

80635. Which of the following is a valid string in programming?

80636. In MS-Excel.absolute addressing uses:

80637. The process of loading operating system to memory is called:

80638. .doc is the default filename extension of Microsoft Windows

80639. Cache memory is used in computers to:

80640. Inheritance is a concept used in:

80641. The Operating System works as an interface between:

80642. Variables that hold True/False type values are:

80643. Which of the following statement is used for looping?

80644. The language associated with DBMS is:

80645. In linux,the file having extension .gz is a:

80646. The undeclared variables in Visual Basic is treated as:

80647. The decimal equivalent of hexadecimal number C2 is:

80648. PDF stands for:

80649. Most effective chart with small number of data points is:

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