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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1613

80651. The program that,runs when the computer remains idle for a certain period of time:

80652. The smallest individually addressable unit of information stored on a hard disk is:

80653. Which of the following is not a component of a computer power supply.

80654. The geometric arrangement of nodes and cables in a network is called:

80655. In an IP address,which of the following number as first octet causes loop back address:

80656. Which of the following wireless technology has higher data rate?

80657. UPS is commonly used with computer systems to provide:

80658. Byte Code is:

80659. Which of the following is used to select only one item in the group?

80660. Executig a program based on a change in hardware or software is called:

80661. To permanently remove an item from Desk top,press:

80662. The diameter of most common compact disk is:

80663. Arrange the following softwares based on their preference of use:

80664. Which of the following term is not related with internet?

80665. Bash is a:

80666. Data encoding on CD-ROM is in the form of:

80667. The key which moves cursor along a line to a preset position is:

80668. The fine powder ink kept in Laser printers is called:

80669. Which of the following programming language is the oldest?

80670. The major component used in second generation computers is

80671. Campiler translates:

80672. The paliyam satyagraha was launched by:

80673. The ‘Sadhu Jana Paripalana Yogam’was founded by:

80674. Who is known as’Kerala Panini’?

80675. The author of ‘Indonasian Diary’is

80676. Who transalted into Malayalam the biographies of Kari Max and Gandhiji for the first time?

80677. Wagon tragedy is related to:

80678. Name the first Woman High Court Judge of Kerala?

80679. ’Aiyyavazhi’is a dharmic belief system introduced by

80680. The ‘Savarnajatha’under Mannath Padmanabhan was the highlight of which agitation?

80681. Nalanda,the ancient Budhist university was situated in the present state of:

80682. The champion of 2015,French open women’s singles is:

80683. Choose the one which is related to bureaucracy:

80684. The Travancore Government issued a royal proclamation on-----------abolishing all restrictions in the matter of dress.

80685. Who is known as’Missile man of India?’

80686. The ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Retna Award’of 2015 is won by:

80687. Right to education is included in-----------of the constitution.

80688. The right to property was a fundamental Right in the beginning.But it was deleted from the list through-------------amendment.

80689. Food Security Act came into force in the year:

80690. Which among the following organization took initiative to spread education in Malabar?

80691. The first English school in Ernakulam started during the rule of:

80692. Which of the following amino acids are both Ketogenic and Glucogenic?

80693. The end product of pyrimidine metabolism in animal cells is:

80694. The lipoprotein which helps the transport of TAG synthesized by the liver is:

80695. The deficiency of which Vitamin results in Pernicious Anemia:

80696. Activation of Gluconeogenesis in liver is achieved by inhibiting one of the key enzymes in the Glycolysis.Which of the following Enzyme is inhibited?

80697. Which of the following is an uncoupler of Electron Transport Chain?

80698. Which of the following ions are specifically carried by Valinomycin,a carrier ionophore?

80699. The cofactor of Glycogen phosphorylase is:

80700. The metal atoms catalyses the decarboxylation of Dimethyl Oxaloacetate is:

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