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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1615

80751. The laws of nature based on observation are

80752. The author is not happy with word 'law' because

80753. According to the passage male lions generally do not go for huntings because

80754. Male lions protect their cubs

80755. Lioness go for hunting

80756. When the lionesses go in search for their prey, they are very

80757. According to the author of 'Mentality' of a nation is mainly product of its

80758. The need for a greater understanding between nations

80759. The character of a nation is the result of its

80760. According to the author his countrymen should

80761. Englishmen like others to react to political situations like

80762. The employees in our country

80763. According to the writer, the administration in India

80764. The word 'assessment' means

80765. The leadership in administration

80766. The central idea of passage could be best expressed by the following

80767. The best way to win a friend is to avoid

80768. While talking to an uneducated person, we should use

80769. If one used the same style of language with everyone, one would sound

80770. A 'slip of the tongue' means something said

80771. Speech can be curse, because it can

80772. The meaning of 'glittering prizes that the 20th century so temptingly offers is

80773. The basis of 'an idyllic and rural paradise' is

80774. Which one of the following best illustrates the relationship between the phrases: (i) 'eschew the glittering prizes' and (ii) 'idyllic and rural paradise'?

80775. Mahatma Gandhi's views opposed industrialisation of villages because

80776. Mahatma Gandhi's dream of 'an idyllic and rural paradise' was not shared by

80777. The theme of the passage is

80778. "Organic system" as related to the organization implies its

80779. Policy decision in organization would involve

80780. The author makes out a case for

80781. The author tends to the senior managers as

80782. Which one of the following best describes the passage?

80783. According to the author, the special quality of corduroy is that

80784. Corduroy is a fabric for all seasons because

80785. According to the passage, corduroy is essential in a gentleman wardrobe because

80786. When the writer refers to corduroy's 'utilitarian tenacity' he means that

80787. The distinction conferred by wealth

80788. The enjoyment of the physical possession of things

80789. Ducal families in England

80790. There are more duchesses now because

80791. Among the ducal families

80792. Nehru though that children

80793. Nehru enjoyed

80794. Which of the statements reflects Nehru point of view?

80795. In this passage, 'a benevolent power interested in men's affairs' means

80796. A 'many-side personality' means

80797. The reason Why Cyril made drawings of athletes was that

80798. Cyril dissected dead birds to

80799. Until the end of first year, Cyril retained his interest in

80800. Cyril did not want to climb trees because he

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