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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 163

8151. കാനഡയുടെ ദേശീയ മൃഗം? [Kaanadayude desheeya mrugam?]

8152. DNA replication is controlled at which of the following checkpoint?

8153. Which of the following begins when pairs of sister chromatids align in the center of the cell?

8154. How many chromatids are there in a duplicated chromosome?

8155. The term homologous chromosomes

8156. At the center of the cell cycle control system is Cdk, a protein that

8157. Each chromosome contains two chromatids by the end of the __________ phase in the life cycle of a human cell.

8158. Which of the following is the primary growth phase of a cell?

8159. The G0 phase is

8160. Which of the following from a blood clot stimulates the growth of cells in the healing process?

8161. The spindle forms in the

8162. Which phase of mitosis is associated with chromosomes aligned at the center of the cell and centromeres divide?

8163. The event(s) which does not occur during interphase, is/are

8164. In prokaryotes, just before the cell divides, the two daughter genomes are attached side by side to the

8165. കൊങ്കണ് ‍ റയില് ‍ വെയുടെ നീളം ? [Konkanu ‍ rayilu ‍ veyude neelam ?]

8166. " എനിക്ക് 2000 പട്ടാളക്കാരെ അയച്ചു തരിക . ഞാന് ‍ ഭാരതം പിടിച്ചടക്കാം . ആരുടെ വാക്കുകളാണിത് ? [" enikku 2000 pattaalakkaare ayacchu tharika . Njaanu ‍ bhaaratham pidicchadakkaam . Aarude vaakkukalaanithu ?]

8167. Konark Sun temple is situated at:

8168. Which of the following is regarded as an era of Brahmanic revival ?

8169. വെല്ലിംഗ്ടണ്‍ ദ്വീപിലെ റോബിന്‍സണ്‍ ക്രൂസോ എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്? [Vellimgdan‍ dveepile robin‍san‍ krooso ennariyappedunnath? ]

8170. λ ZAP vector is an example of

8171. λ gt 10 and λ gt 11 vectors can propagate cloned fragments up to

8172. Select the wrong statement about plasmids?

8173. Stuffer is

8174. Conjugative plasmids

8175. Plasmid incompatibility is

8176. P1 cloning vector allow cloning of DNA of the length of

8177. Charon 34 and Charon 35 can clone DNA upto

8178. Charon vectors are different from EMBL vectors because

8179. P1 cloning vector is the example of

8180. Cos site of the cosmids

8181. M 13 is an example of

8182. Phagemid vectors are

8183. Single stranded vectors are useful

8184. Inserted DNA in λ gt 11 can be expressed as

8185. EMBL 3 and EMBL 4 are replacement vectors, which can clone DNA up to

8186. Size of the DNA that can be packaged into a λ phage is

8187. Charon 34 and Charon 35 are the examples of

8188. Cosmid vectors are used for

8189. Plasmids which are maintained as limited number of copies per cell are known as

8190. Cryptic plasmids

8191. Phagemid consist of

8192. Maximum size of foreign DNA that can be inserted into an insertion vector is

8193. Plasmids which are maintained as multiple copy number per cell are known as

8194. Cosmid vectors are

8195. Cosmids lack

8196. Maximum size of foreign DNA that can be inserted into a replacement vector is

8197. Which of the following is not true about phagemid?

8198. pBR 322 has/have which of the following selection marker(s)?

8199. A plasmid can be considered as a suitable cloning vector if

8200. Difference between λ gt 10 and λ gt 11 vectors is that

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