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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1641

82051. Three resistance 1 K Ohm,2 K Ohm and 7 K Ohms are connected in series with a 30 V supply.The total resistance and current are:

82052. A material that can be magnetized only very slightly is called:

82053. The S.I.Unit of the flux density of magnet is:

82054. In a 3 phase balanced load,the current in the neutral wire is:

82055. An element with atomic number 36 belongs to the?

82056. A moving coil instrument works on:

82057. The working principle of dynamo meter instruments is similar to that of:

82058. The rotating speed of the magneto type megger is:

82059. The current transformer steps up:

82060. The unit of frequency is:

82061. If the power factor of a circuit is unity,its reactive power is:

82062. The capacitor is connected in a ceiling fan is:

82063. The reciprocal of resistance is:

82064. The inner tube of high pressure MV lamp has:

82065. Two 250 V,100W lamps when connected in series to 250 V,supply will light:

82066. According to the N.E.Code,the colour code for the neutral is:

82067. The process by which an e.m.f induced in a DC generator is called:

82068. The material used for split rings is:

82069. The armature core is laminated to minimize the:

82070. The conductors of the armature winding are soldered to the commutator at the

82071. In a four pole simplex lap-wound armature the number of parallel paths are

82072. To get spark less commutation,we use:

82073. The speed of a DC series motor at no load is:

82074. Which application requires a high starting torque?

82075. A step-up transformer increases:

82076. The purpose of oil in the transformer is to:

82077. The frequency used in India is:

82078. The output of an alternator is rated in:

82079. Which of the following is not a part of a rotor?

82080. The function of flux in soldering is:

82081. One mega ohm resistance is equal to

82082. The temperature co-efficient of resistance of a semi conductor is:

82083. Which element is used as Semi conductor material?

82084. The rectifier circuit depends on the operation of:

82085. A half wave rectifies is suitable only for:

82086. The R.M.S.voltage at the transformer secondary is 6 volts.It’s peak value is

82087. The base materials used for making PCB’s are:

82088. A transistor has:

82089. A transistor is a -----------operative device

82090. An SCR is a:

82091. In one of the following domestic appliance universal motor is used:

82092. For safety,the fuses should be placed on:

82093. The maximum permissible load in a lighting sub circuit is:

82094. Copper losses in a transformer is that power loss caused by:

82095. Hysteresis loss in a transformer is reduced by using the proper:

82096. Transformer is used to change the value of:

82097. The colour of dry silica gets is:

82098. Thermal overload relay is provided in starter to protect the motor against

82099. Which one of the following cannot be dissolved but can be abolished?

82100. A slip ring induction motor has:

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