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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1642

82101. In a shaded pole single phase motor the revolving field is produced by:

82102. In distributed winding all the coils will live the same:

82103. The tip of the soldering iron is made of:

82104. The type of insulator used in stay wire is:

82105. While using wooden poles the span should not exceed-meters.

82106. Which of the following gates a high output with all the input high?

82107. Epoxy compound used with underground cable does not need:

82108. The chance of occurrence of corona are maximum during:

82109. The critical value of surge impedance of a long transmission line is:

82110. The conductor carries more current on the surface in comparison to its core.The phenomenon is called the :

82111. The largest size hydro electric unit in India is:

82112. For high head and low discharge,the water turbine used in:

82113. Control rods used to nuclear reactors are made of:

82114. The fraction of a solar collector is of converting solar energy into:

82115. The digits used in binary number system are:

82116. Fleming’s right hand rule is to identify the:

82117. Which type of DC generator is used for welding generator set?

82118. Poly face induction motor is usually:

82119. In a 3 point starter the No Volt Coil(NVC)is connected in series with:

82120. A wire gauge is used to measure

82121. Coolant is used for cooling the

82122. In which type fire both foam and dry powder fire extinguishers can be used?

82123. Which one of the materials of the atom contains only four free election?

82124. Negative temperature cost-efficient among the following materials:

82125. The year in which the fourteen Indian Commercial Banks were nationalised:

82126. The Article of Indian Constitution which endows special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir:

82127. National Academy of Administration,Mussoorie is named after which of the following statesman?

82128. The headquarters of Zoological Survey of India is situated at:

82129. Whose Autobiography is ‘THE INDIAN STRUGGLE’?

82130. National Training Centre for Dogs is situated in:

82131. One of the tributaries of River Cauvery orginates from KeralWhich of the following

82132. Who was the first President of Jathinashini Sabha,an association for abolition for caste system in Kerala?

82133. Ente Jeevitha Smarankal is the autobiography of:

82134. Who is the captain of the Indian Kabbadi Team which won the Kabbadi Team which won the Kabbadi World Cup 2016?

82135. Hortus Malabaricus,a monumental work on Botany is the contribution of:

82136. Who was the last Diwan of the Princely State of Cochin?

82137. River Churni referred to in Kautilyas’Arthashastra is identified with which of the following rivers in Kerala?

82138. Which constitutional amendment upheld the power of Parliament to amend the fundamental rights?

82139. The only fresh water lake in Kerala:

82140. The last visit of Mahatma Gandhi to Kerala was in connection with which of the following events?

82141. Pasteur Institute of India,one of the leading institutes in the production of Anti-rabbis vaccine is located at:

82142. NAURA,a place which finds mention in ancient historical records of Kerala stands for:

82143. The Union Railway Minister who presented the most number of Railway budgets:

82144. Silver Revolution is related to:

82145. National game of USA?

82146. The expression I beg your pardon means?

82147. Manila is the headquarters of?

82148. Indian salt petre is?

82149. Sachin scored his 50th century against..............?

82150. Zionism is the nationalist movement of the?

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