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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1646

82301. The ratio of volume of voids to the total volume of given soil is

82302. The total motion possessed by a body,is called

82303. The timber whose thickness is less than 5 cm and the width exceeds 12 cm,is called a

82304. A fine aggregate is one whose particle are of size

82305. Final setting time of cement should not more than

82306. In a cement concrete road expansion joints are provided at intervels of

82307. Standard rail gauge is

82308. The only type of sleeper to be provided over rail bridge

82309. The best primer used for structural steel work is----

82310. The horizontal member of a frame employed to sub-divided a window opening horizontally is called

82311. The term pitch in connection with pitched roofs is defined as thee

82312. A solid construction put across the river to raise its water level and divert the water into the canal known as

82313. In leveling height of instrument is

82314. During leveling if back sight is more than fore sight then

82315. Beam constructed monolithicallt with slab is

82316. When a door is designated as 10 DT 20,it can be concluded that

82317. In a slopping roof,the inclined wooden members laid from the ridge to the eave are known as:

82318. In residential buildings the minimum area for bathroom is

82319. The latitude and departure of a traverse line are both positive when the whole circle bearing of the line lies in the

82320. The water content of a saturated soil is 50%,if the specific gravity of the solids is 4,what is its void ratio?

82321. Which of the following soils has largest permeability?

82322. The main clear working space for a pit as recommended by IS code is

82323. Undreamed piles are generally

82324. A raft foundation is preferred for

82325. Rolling of road should be

82326. The height of the cone in slump test is:

82327. The bricks arranged projecting in alternate courses for the purpose of bonding future work is called

82328. The estimating ,for plastering usually no deduction is made for

82329. In a detailed estimate the provision for contingencies is,usually

82330. Size of A4 (trimmed size in mm)drawing sheet is

82331. If bearing of AB=N 100W,bearing of BC=S 800 W then angle ABC is

82332. The most commonly used the odolite operations are

82333. Bar chart is drawn for

82334. A beam encastered at both ends is called

82335. A reinforced-cement concrete beam is considered to be made of

82336. Bifurcated stair is commonly used

82337. The maximum diameter of the reinforcement bars in RCC slab is

82338. An aquifer is a geological formation which

82339. The type of recording rain gauge used in India is:

82340. Reaver dam is a type of

82341. In preparing cement concrete by volume the size of the wooden box used to measure aggregate is

82342. The standard width of asbestos cement corrugated sheet is

82343. A work costing less than Rs.20,000 is termed as

82344. The most economical section for a column is

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