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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1645

82251. The radius of the first orbit of hydrogen atom is 29x1011m.The radius of the second orbit of the hydrogen atom is:

82252. Which one of the following statements regarding photo-emission of electrons is correct?

82253. Bose-Einstein statistics is applicable to systems of:

82254. From a black body heated to 1000 K the maximum intensity of emitted radiation is marked at wavelength lamdIf the temperature is increased to 3000K,the intensity will be shifted to wavelength given by a lamda where a is:

82255. The temperature of a gas is held constant while its volume is decreaseThe pressure exerted by the gas on the walls of the container increases because its molecules:

82256. Diamangetism is explained in terms of:

82257. On a temperature(T),entropy(S)diagram,the isothermals are:

82258. After losing a number of alpha particles and beta particles(electrons)U 238/92 is changed to X 206/82 The total no.of particles produced in the process is:

82259. The minimum energy of the gamma ray photon required for the production of an electron positron pair is:

82260. The mass of a proton is mp.Then the nuclear magnetron is given by:

82261. Rutheford’s experiment on the atom demonstrated:

82262. For a neutron the spin magnetic moment is:

82263. In young’s experiment,the phase difference between two waves at a point where destructive interference takes place is:

82264. Mirage is a phenomena due to:

82265. A small object lies on the axis of a cylindrically symmetric optical system.The image will suffer from:

82266. Two thin lenses have a combined power of +10 dioptres.When separated by 20 cm,their equivalent power is +25 dioptres.Their individual powers,in dioptres,are:

82267. Two photons recede from each other.Their relative velocity will be:

82268. The flip-flop which gives unpredictable output when both inputs are high is:

82269. In normal Zeeman effect,the frequency separation of the Zeeman lines form the centre line is:

82270. A total capacitance of 4 (meu)F can be obtained by combining four capacitors of 3(meu)F each.If:

82271. An LCR circuit contains a varying e.m.f. e=em coswt.At resonace,the amplitude of the oscillating current is fully determined in terms of em and:

82272. A wire carrying a 30 A current has a length of 12 cm between the pole pieces of a magnet at an angle of 600with respect to the field direction.If the magnetic field has a uniform value of 90 T,then the force on the wire will be:

82273. A horizontal overhead power line carries a current of 100 A directed from West to East.The magnetic field due to the current 2m below the line is:

82274. At a point on the axis of an electric dipole:

82275. The terminal velocity of a spherical ball of radius 2r falling under gravity in a viscous fluid is V.The terminal velocity of another spherical ball of the same material but of radius r will be

82276. A capillary tube of length less than the “Capillary height”for a given liquid is dipped in that liquiThen the liquid will:

82277. Piezoelectric oscillator of these statements

82278. The sum of tread and rise should be lie between

82279. When a chain is used at a temperature more than the temperature,it was calibrated the error in measured length will be

82280. Any arbitrarily assumed level line from which vertical distances are measured is known as:

82281. Which of the following instrument is used for measurement of angles?

82282. Four wires are made of the same material which of these will have the largest extension when the same tension is applied?

82283. The mercury does not wet the glass.This is due to the property of the liquid known as

82284. CIRCLE is related to RICELC in the same way as SQUARE is related to .........?

82285. A weir,generally used as spillway of a dam is:

82286. The magnetic bearing of a line is 55030’ and the magnetic declination is 4030’ west.The true bearing of a line will be

82287. The image formed on the retina of the eye is?

82288. Concurrent forces are those forces whose line of action

82289. The angle between two forces when the resultant maximum and minimum respectively are

82290. When the spring of a watch is wound,it will posses

82291. The moment of inertia of a rectangular section 3 cm wide and 4 cm deep about X-X axisis?

82292. Which of the following is not an integral part of computer?

82293. Pitot tube is a device used in the flowing fluid for measuring

82294. A man sitting in a boat which is flowing in a ponIf the man drinks some water from the pond,the level of water in the pond will

82295. Type of bond in brick masonry in which each course consists of alternate headers and stretcher is called:

82296. The extension of wall above the roof level is called

82297. In a single day the maximum height of masonry to be raised should not be more than

82298. The average domestic demand of water supply for an Indian city is:

82299. If a shaft is subjected to pure twisting moment,an element,on the surface is subjected to

82300. Longitudianl cracks observed in timber beams are due to

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