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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1664

83201. The National nodal point for the co-ordination of all efforts at development and dissemination of innovative technologies relevant for rural areas

83202. In States having a population of less than 20 lakhs,Panchayats are not constituted at the

83203. ”Rorschach”ink blot test is an attempt to study

83204. The type of play where two children play side by side without showing interest or concern for one another

83205. According to Piaget,the stage of cognitive development of a pre-school child

83206. Experiences which prepare the child in learning the 3 R’s are called

83207. An important Landmark Act in India in the direction of ensuring equal opportunities for people with disabilities

83208. Which among the following is not a common form of social behavior observed during pre-school age?

83209. Poor attention span,easy distractability,excessive activity levels are seen in children with

83210. Assessment of development in children does not involve the measurement of

83211. The most distinguishing trait of autistic child is

83212. Montessori system of pre-school does not emphasize

83213. VAD is more prevalent among

83214. Which among the following is not a method of nutritional anthropometry?

83215. Anaemia in rural population may be due to infestation with

83216. Iodine deficiency does not cause

83217. Angular stomatitis and cheilosis are symptoms of the deficiency of

83218. Infant Mortality Rate in Kerala as per the SRS 2014 is

83219. The food law amended in 2006 to ban the sale of un-iodised salt for human consumption in Indi

83220. Which among the following is not an essential element of food security?

83221. The best enhancer of iron absorption in the body

83222. Which among the following is a form of Vitamin D?

83223. RDA of dietary folate for a pregnant woman is

83224. Aetiological factor for peptic ulcer

83225. Which of the following is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids?

83226. Tube feeding is also known as

83227. To reduce the risk of CVD,the LDL and HDL levels should be

83228. In Kidney failure patients,the GFR will be

83229. Antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables

83230. Fat soluble Vitamins are mainly stored in

83231. A source of soluble fibre

83232. An example of conditionally essential fatty acid

83233. The iron requirement of an NPNL adult woman is

83234. A specific teaching style preferred by an innovative learner

83235. An example of non-conventional novel food developed for nutrition security

83236. Which among the following is not produced using gene technology?

83237. Functional additives are incorporated into food processing operations that make use of

83238. Which of the following is not an application of nanotechnology in food industry?

83239. Probiotic bacteria taken together with prebiotics that support their growth are called

83240. The sub-mission of National Health Mission launched in May 2013 to expand health coverage to urban areas

83241. The National Mission launched in 2010 with the aim to strengthen overall process that promote all-round development of women

83242. An example of a probiotic food

83243. Who authored ‘Show yourTongue’?

83244. ’The Dramatic Decade-The Indira Gandhi Year’s is written by:

83245. Name the nation,which officially hosted the World Tourism Day, 2014:

83246. Which famous social reformer wrote the books ‘Jhana Yoga and Raja yoga’?

83247. The upper atmosphere layer is known as?

83248. A kilowatt hour is unit of?

83249. Name the most important centre of the revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan:

83250. A plant leaf appears to be green because it?

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